Social Media Trends for 2023

Predicting Social Media Trends for 2023

Social media is continuously evolving. A week doesn’t go by without a tech-savvy announcement or a millionaire investing in a social media platform. There is always something going on in the online community. Some trends last more than a season, while others disappear within a day or so.

Twitter is going through a drastic management switch, while TikTok continues to thrive despite its ban in a few countries, and Meta is uncertain. With so much happening, it’s difficult to tell what 2023 might bring for these platforms.

However, below are seven trends we might have to keep up with in the coming year. So, keep reading for some insightful tech facts.

7 Social Media Trends for 2023

1. Avatar Integration in Meta

Meta is pushing Avatars on its platforms as a lead to keep its audience committed through digital characters. Having launched a digital store to pay for Avatar outfits, Meta is still going hard on its commerce culture.

The company is developing innumerable customisations with indicative expressions and virtual engagements for a better user experience in the MetaVerse. Although investing in virtual costumes might not be in hype right now, we can expect to see more of it by 2023.

Avatar Integration in Meta

2. LinkedIn – The new Facebook

With more and more personal posts on the app, LinkedIn is not far from becoming a lite version of Facebook. The platform used to be a reference place for business and jobs, but it has almost lost its professionalism over time. From CEOs’ ranting to dating guidance, you can find everything there.

Maybe LinkedIn’s algorithm has changed to prefer controversial content, or the pandemic made us forget the line between ‘personal’ and ‘professional’. Well, whatever the reason might be, personal conversations on LinkedIn are driving higher engagement.

3. AI-Recommended Content on Instagram and Facebook

In a recent discussion, Zuckerberg said that over the next two years, more content advised by Artificial Intelligence in the Feed section might pop up. Inspired by TikTok, the new algorithm will deliver exposure to potential creators by popping their posts in inferior audience’s Feeds.

“15% of the total content in a user’s Facebook and Instagram Feed is managed by Artificial Intelligence. These statistics will double up by the end of the year.” Zuckerberg said in an interview.

4. Verification Tick on Twitter

Musk is trying to work out a way to distinguish active users from bots. The most practical way to do so is by implementing a verification strategy. With more and more fake and bot accounts, Musk had to come up with a policy.

Now, Twitter users will verify their identity through contact numbers or other legit personal details and sign up for ‘Twitter Blue Service’ to buy verified blue check marks. Although the topic is controversial, the firm is not holding back its policy towards sensitive or obscene content.

5. Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

While Meta’s AR Glasses are still underdeveloped, we are not far from the successive phase. AR-enabled glasses are likely to be set up in the following year. We can count on Meta to set AR tools in motion on Facebook and Instagram to keep brands and audiences hooked on 3D creation.

Said that AR methods will be helpful in better learning, medicine and entertainment, it still needs to come a long way. Meta’s AR Glasses will protect eyes from strain and exposure to blue light.

6. Invincible TikTok

Despite its ban in several countries like Russia, India, and Indonesia, the number of hours users spend on the application is unbelievable. Its believed that Snapchat might overtake TikTok in terms of total users by 2023. Its popularity keeps rising and does not seem to hold itself back, just like the app’s scrutiny. TikTok needs to implement strict privacy terms by next year because free markets might get tested by the government.

However, TikTok is continually promoting the usage of AI for better curation of content, which is one of the reasons why users seem to spend too much time on the app.

7. More Brands Collaborating with Nano and Micro-Influencers

Businesses and brands now favour collaborating with Micro-influencers because of their higher engagement rates and well-rooted niche marketing. Many small-level influencers are now the faces of well-accomplished brands. When building a personal brand, partnering with someone with a hooked audience is beneficial.

Micro-influencers have a committed audience, who are more like friends than fans, this benefits marketing. Look out for your favourite TikTok and Instagram content creators as the face of some of the most loved brands in 2023.

With so many trends to keep up with, it gets hard to stay on top of the visibility game.

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