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Top 10 SEO tips for WordPress Sites In 2023

Choosing WordPress as your SEO platform is a great step to successfully market your website. WordPress has numerous in-built features that improve the SEO capabilities with no technical background and there are many WordPress SEO tips that include a few features within WordPress that could help improve your search engine rankings.

1. Tags and Categories

WordPress allows you to categorize your content by placing it in groups and assigning some tags to each post. This helps to find the right content they want to read and quickly helps search engines regulate the structure and content of your website.

2. Right Headings

The right heading tag is perilous for search engines to know what the chief content on your page is about. WordPress lets you simply add the right heading and the subheading sizes to your content in its editor.

3. Do your initial keyword research

With the help of some tools do some initial research on the keywords you should target along with Keyword volume. You would then get plenty of keywords that you can target. Construct your titles around the keywords and start writing away. There are many other ways for you to target suitable keywords easily:

  • Listen and gather many ideas from Customers’ emails, comments, chat, and phone calls.
  • Try to use Google’s Autocomplete when you start to type your keywords
  • You can gather keywords from related searches you would find right from each search results page.
  • You can dig for questions asked on social communities and in other forums.
  • You can also build some keywords listed in Podcasts.
  • Publish your blog regularly
  • If you have to top off this list to help you with WordPress SEO efforts
  • Publish frequently on your blog.
  • Always follow a schedule and publish at a regular frequency.
  • You can publish once a week, thrice a week, or every single day of the week but follow the frequency.

If needed, you can create an editorial calendar to help you to plan all your content strategies. Every time you hit the Publish button, try to share your posts on social media as Google takes the social signals of your available content into account too. This is in addition to get direct traffic, fuel for the conversations, a chance to link with others, and a way for you to start your thought leadership on social media.

4. SEO Plugins

There are many best SEO plugins for WordPress and plugins are used by over 5 million people around the world with a 5-star review, and you can safely trust plugins to do their job. It offers a range of valuable functions to cover search engine optimization such as;

  • Best Keyword optimization
  • Setting recognized tags to avoid duplicate content
  • Proposals for internal links to all the other parts of your website
  • Innovative XML sitemaps

Addition with the Google Search Console enables you to get how your website performs and to solve all crawl errors. There are a ton of helpful WordPress plugins to enhance the performance of your website.

5. Good Images

Good images that are not optimized can significantly slow down your website. We can use Google’s page speed tool to analyse the website. The tool also bids optimized versions of images, CSS, and JavaScript to download and use.

6. Prevent unwanted malware

This WordPress SEO tip mainly focuses on security as Google blacklists all the websites that are infected with any type of malware. Secure your website with some anti-malware tools which scan your website daily and also eliminate any form of malware it notices.

7. Install the SSL certificates

Users look for a sign of a safe website before any transaction. The green padlock in your browser search bar or an HTTPS web address is necessary and Google also displays a warning message to all the users who try and access your website if it does not have an SSL certificate installed to it. This will lead to a drop in website traffic and consequently a drop in search engine rankings.  As Search engines are focusing more on the sites that use Secure Sockets Layers. This means having an SSL may progress your traffic in a short amount of time. The SSL certificate encrypts data from your website to the visitor and this greatly reduces the efficiency of many hacking techniques and gives all the visitors a sense of safety. This is good for both the search engines and all the people looking at your content. This certificate is usually reasonable, and the result may be worth the investment.

8. Using SEO-Optimized Themes

All the WordPress themes are not the same. In fact, a lot of developers do not use the greatest practices when it comes to SEO. If you want to score in the search engines, a good way is to make that your theme has been developed to do it which means using themes that do not have flashy graphics or any fun sliders attached to them. Actually, a lot of those elements hinder the presentation of a website. A good way to judge a theme’s presentation is to install it and test all the websites against tools. This app will test the website for all the speed issues, which gives a point of reference when comparing how all the themes behave.

9. Use Social Sharing often

Social sharing is not a part of search engine optimization, but it has the potential to significantly drive your traffic. In some examples, search engines crawl some social sites to show information to possible visitors as well. You can add social engagement easily by including all the social sharing buttons on your content. Most people use social media, and adding this feature to the site is helpful in engaging traffic. You can start using the social sharing ability and there are many plugins also for this to choose from.

10. Website speed and performance

An important WordPress SEO tip is about enlightening website performance. How fast the website loads have a direct influence on your search results. Users expect any website to load very quickly and are likely to abandon the site for another if it does not load quickly.


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