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Top Web Design Trends in 2024

Technology changes quickly, and the same is true of website design trends. In recent years, some website features and design elements that used to be trendy and innovative have become cliched, overused, and tired. If your website looks outdated or ignores critical web standards, the last thing you want is to lose conversions when people arrive at your site.

1. Colours that stand out

MINIMALIST colour schemes pair beautifully with one of 2024’s most prominent web design trends: colour! The bright, saturated colours you choose for your brand will help it stand out from many companies’ soft, neutral colours.

A site like Bubble, the sparkling water company, is an excellent example of how bold, saturated colours can be used without overwhelming the eye. Colourful cans are a hallmark of both their branding and their website:

2. The speed of a website is paramount

Having a fast loading time is one of the most critical standards of web design. Websites that want to rank high and convert better need to have fast loading times. It has been an essential factor in UX and SEO for years.

The majority of internet browsers expect websites to load in no more than two seconds after clicking a link, according to studies. The longer it takes to load your site, the more likely your visitors are to leave, and they are not likely to return!

A company’s website performance directly impacts its bottom line. As a result of Pinterest, perceived wait times were reduced by 40%, while search engine traffic increased by 15% and sign-ups increased by 15%.

When it comes to investing in properties, your real estate agent might have told you, “location, location, location.” Here at digital, we focus on conversions, conversions, and conversions. Website loading times are a metric we look for to ensure the highest possible user experience.

3. Smart Content Load to Make Users’ Experiences More Enjoyable

Many of us may be guilty of having resource-intensive websites that have numerous graphical elements and third-party integrations that can slow down our sites.

The good news is that there are a variety of ways to create smart websites that download only the content you need.

It is not a revolutionary technology for pages to load slowly or scroll infinitely. It has been utilised for years by social networks, especially when it comes to infinity scrolling. Websites with multiple pages are also using this approach.

All websites must consider how they might benefit from implementing a few technological approaches to outrank their competitors. User experience can be improved by implementing these features, which can lead to better conversion rates and rankings.

It allows web browsers (such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox) to download only the content you see on screen without wasting server resources and TIME on offscreen content that you might not see.

Many website visitors never scroll down to the bottom of a page. What’s the point of loading that content and increasing site loading times? Having the content load as they scroll down and near the end of the page would be a better approach.

4. Geolocation and browsing history are used to provide personalised content

There may have been times when you have visited a website only to return to it a short while later and discover that the content has been altered. You will see the same content as you did the first time you logged on to the website. This is if you open it on your phone for the first time or on another browser.

The majority of advanced websites track your browsing activity and know where we are. A cutting-edge web agency will advise its clients to display dynamic content, that is, content based on previous user behaviour or what is known about the user. This is not generic content that everyone sees.

The creation of custom content for users who return to your website for a second or third time can boost conversions.

Every time you use Google as a search engine, you experience this. Users in Raleigh, North Carolina, will find different results when searching for a restaurant nearby.

You can also find a directory website that recognizes your favourite cuisine. It might make sense to weigh Italian restaurants higher in your search results if you reviewed or saved Italian restaurants in the past.

The website of your bank requires you to add your username and mark your browser as “trusted”. If you return, your bank will know whether you are an individual or a business customer. Thus, they will present you with residential or commercial offerings according to your status as a customer.

Website owners of e-commerce websites probably value personalized content more. Increased conversion rates can be achieved by showing recently viewed, saved, or liked products to online shoppers. Maintaining a higher conversion rate also involves highlighting abandoned cart contents to returning customers.

Users have begun to expect personalized website content more and more without even realizing it, and it will become an even more dominant factor for a successful web presence.

5. Integrating your CRM tool with progressive lead nurturing forms

Lead generation forms are one of the most prominent features of a marketing website. Our website visitors provide us with a lot of information, but we can’t ask too many questions at once. On the landing pages, we display fields according to the lead’s journey and place progressive/dynamic contact forms.

In theory, we shouldn’t display too many fields in a form, but we can always adapt the fields according to the data we already know about our leads. In the first conversion opportunity, we can ask for the company name, email address, and phone number. The next conversion opportunity can ask for company size, company revenue, phone number, titles, and titles.

Through the integration of the website and the CRM. If they return to our website, the CRM can identify them and display form fields that we are not aware of on the landing page.

6. Artificial intelligence transforms chatbots into human-like agents

Chatbots have also been popular for a few years and are expected to remain relevant in 2022. AI and machine learning are becoming more and more sophisticated, so we expect chatbots to be used more and more often for simple customer service and “personal shopping.”

When a customer searches for phone support on your website and the chatbot knows that they have access to a free phone upgrade, for instance, the customer can talk to the chatbot. It can inform the customer about the upgrade.

The business can save customer support costs associated with talking to a live person as well as enhance the customer experience.

7. Accessibility and Availability

Increasingly, A website designing company must take into account the needs of people with disabilities to be inclusive and accessible. Sites that are easy to navigate and interact with are more than just a way to provide an excellent customer service experience. It can boost conversions, improve your search engine optimization, and help you reach more people.

The following elements improve accessibility:

  • Contrasting the text with the background in a strong way;
  • If you use keyboard navigation, include focus indicators, such as the rectangular outline that appears around links;
  • Instead of placeholder text, use labels and instructions with form fields;
  • Utilise functional alt tags for images (which also improve SEO);

8. Interactivity

Interactive sections are a great way to attract visitors, encourage them to interact with your website, and find out more about them. What if you were a realtor and installed a mortgage calculator on your website? As visitors enter data into your calculator, you learn more about them while providing value to them.

Among the interactive marketing examples are:

  • surveys, quizzes, and games
  • surveys and polls
  • tools and calculators
  • Contests

9. Micro Animation

A micro animation is a small animation, as suggested by the name. However, small does not always equate to insignificance. You can guide users through the process of interacting with your website easily by using micro animations. Your website can also benefit from adding a playful element, such as the micro animations on Smashmallow’s banner

It will be about organically using micro animations in 2022 instead of using them in the past. It’s important to keep our UI/production designer in mind, as she explained when things move if they’re on a curve or wheel, not on a flat plane.

Micro animations are among the latest web design trends for e-commerce sites to enhance user experience and give shoppers a sense of the products.

10. Smart Video

Videos have long been considered essential for websites. Videos are extremely popular. The video is interesting! Videos are the most effective online marketing tool!

However, the video needs to be well thought out. The smart video serves a purpose and has meaning, and that’s what smart video is all about. In the past, embedding a YouTube video on your website for the sake of having one was common. Well-conceived, high-quality videos are more effective than dozens of poorly constructed ones.

It is eye-catching to see CEI using video in their hero image, but not too intrusive. It’s also a cool way to visualise what they do, which is offering affordable copier and printer rentals to Raleigh businesses.


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