11 Ways to Kick Start Your Video Marketing

Are you about to invest some money in videos? Whether it is a one-time investment or a continuous marketing channel in development, the latter costing way more, it is difficult to evaluate the ROI from video investments as there is hardly any direct response to this type of campaigning.

Your video project will probably be at the awareness or consideration stage of your marketing strategy which means that ROI is unlikely to be defined. It doesn’t matter how much your team is keen about videos or what is buzzing in digital media about the strategy of videos, you need a few straightforward discussions about which video you will consider depending on various situations.

Without overemphasizing, let us list down some types of videos that are pertinent to content marketing


Brand storytelling: Video is the apt mean for brand storytelling pieces; they can stay on your webpage or on other channels such as social media. You could be conveying the brand values, origin or even the mission of the brand through video and it will overtake your audience imagination by offering them a far more advanced experience than any other media type.

Explainers: Can you recall when the last time you clicked on a homepage was, and there was no video? The correct answer would be back in 2008. Back then, videos were used solely to explain intricate products or solutions, now they are most likely to provide a short and engaging description of your product or service in more or less two minutes.

Top of funnel

Advertising: Assuredly not solely content marketing, various companies operate ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to maximize views on their white papers and videos. Think about these valuable resources to drive further the target of your content marketing.

Customized landing pages: Like the home page explainer video, landing pages that include a tailor-made video are the favourite target proxies for your home page since they are meant to agree to the invitation (call to action) that you have sent out. It is not difficult to make numerous alterations to any video using affordable cloud-based tools. Why take the trouble? Unbounce stated that by using videos on landing pages, conversion can be accelerated to 80%.

SEO: Use video to emphasize key aspects of a gated white paper and boost its reach and search engine rankings. Video SEO can be defined into two categories:

You make a video and post it publicly on YouTube to achieve the highest reach and gained views. In this particular scenario, the video itself (because of Google’s high rank for YouTube) progresses up your search engine rankings. The call to action in your video will try to direct traffic to the white paper found on your site… but at the same time, the advantages of YouTube’s vast reach and rank can put you at risk that your leads may get tempted by other YouTube videos contrary to following your call to action.

You can have the video on your side (not YouTube). Host it yourself or collaborate with any third party sites which are experienced in simulating self-hosting. The video with the accompanying text will enable the page itself to climb up the ranking pages which means that the traffic generated by the video will most probably remain on your website. Going after both approaches at the same time can also be

Middle of funnel

Educational content: Educational content, such as a piece of thought leadership, or a practical guide is the day to day business of content marketing. What is the reason for using videos? It provides a pleasant hassle-free experience that is understood to be captivating and brief. You can post videos to your blog and remain in long-lasting learning or resource centres, or act as an ungated trailer side to gated content.

Email: In all likelihood, you often communicate with potential customers by email, Research by Brainshark shows that the incorporation of video will increase open rates by 20 per cent and also higher click-through rates.

Bottom of funnel

About us: Many assume bottom-of-the-funnel activities are the same as those related to product features, price etc. But potential customers looking for an expensive product or long-term service relationship are as intent in the “who” as they are in the “what” or “how much”. When two competitors are at par regarding quality and price, the deciding factors are generally perceived trustworthiness and commitment to service.

Time-sensitive promotions: You are breaking price as a means to conclude on warn or stuck leads. Why not invest in video for something uncomplicated and target-driven like price promotions? A classic consumer will get over 10 promotional emails daily. Your technique of price promotion will not fare well if it is not visible – and video assists in increasing open rates. In addition to that, the richer experience of videos-music, sound effects, voice, etc can enable you to really put forward what is special about your promotion.

PR and external communications

Prompt response to hot topics: The least difficult medium to produce and manage is print – as soon as a statement is approved and validated, the remaining things are just copied and paste. What is the masked cost of letting the reader be “unsupervised”? Video enables you to combine tone and words, have control over the speed at which viewers go through a piece of content, and catch their eyes and ears to where to want to emphasize.

Regular performance updates: Numbers are crucial in charts; nonetheless, maximum readers are overwhelmed by data in both raw and illustrated form. The natural immediate reaction is to look for the uptrend or downtrend and continue ahead. Video lets you be in control of each moment of content consumption until even the pace.


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