7 Silly PPC Mistakes That Can Waste Your Dollars In 2016

A good Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign can bring a lot of advantages for your business, enhancing its exposure while also ensuring that you get to have the benefit of increased sales. However, there are also several drawbacks that you will have to avoid if you are looking to use PPC on a regular basis, as it is also possible to mislay a lot of money with a very little return if the campaign isn’t handled properly. In the right hands, PPC can serve marketing professionals in the form of new leads and raised sales for your business. Still, a few mistakes can ruin the campaign by quickly draining time and money.

Deadly PPC Mistakes – Marketers Must Avoid In Their Campaigns

Undervaluing Mobile Targeting

Mobile is a rapidly moving market, one that is progressing so fast you can’t close your eyes to it. Nevertheless, deviating customers to your website that isn’t optimized for mobile can lead to a soaring bounce rate.  Trying to influence your customer to make a purchase or fill a form could leave them exasperated. The tip is not to have a mobile site and place your mobile bidding at 100% or make a click-to-call campaign.

Not Bidding Cautiously

When running after industry-leading keywords, you must remember that the more popular the keyword, there is more chance that you will end up paying more money for fewer conversions. The best PPC practices to follow include aiming your reach by targeting more particular long-tail keywords. In this way, you can also bid for your company’s name as you won’t have many competitors; this is a brilliant way to understand searches at a nominal price.

No Syn With Your Site

You are running great ad marketing and an amazing offer, and inspired audiences are clicking through, all set to make a purchase. However, when they get to your site’s landing page, they see no information about what you advertised, or even worse, a dead link. Are they going to spare time staying and searching? Of course not! It’s important that all components of your PPC campaign counting the ad and related landing page work in sync so that your audience can without difficulty act on what you are promoting.

Not Targeting Locations

Businesses that have national and international presences often leave out targeting a specific location. The problem that gets created is that your business stays deprived of the benefit of personalized ads to your viewers. Personalized ads result in increased CTR, and seeing their own state or city mentioned in your ad will make your audience far more probable to contact.

Adding Wrong Information

Be noticeable from the rest by finding ways to communicate directly with your target consumer in a new voice. Your ads should be up-to-date and according to the seasonal or holiday sales. This will keep your ads more prominent and give your users an impression that you are always coming up with hot off press stuff.

Overlooking Spam

If your site is picked up by spammy networks, you will be able to catch that from your analytics. Businesses that have tremendous traffic with quite a high bounce rate from imprecise links, it means that your business is not perceived by genuine customers and you are ultimately paying for futile traffic. Eliminate these networks by including them in your campaign segregation lists.

Not Measuring Thoroughly

You must follow two rules for measurement with a PPC campaign—one that tracks searches and the other that tracks content relevancy—so you have a clear picture of how traffic is getting to your ads. Ensure that your web traffic analytics is integrated with your PPC campaign so you make out which keywords are the most useful in driving users to your website.

In a nutshell

Be alert not to make any of the above-stated mistakes. What other mistakes do other marketers generally commit?  What measures do you take to prevent PPC mistakes from happening?

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