All About Google’s Allo!

The leading internet search engine Google on Wednesday introduced its chatting app named Allo and gave a reason to celebrate to those who enjoy chatting and sending images and videos to their preferred contacts. Similar as WhatsApp, the new app is available with Google Assistant integrated that plays an important role in simplifying some small jobs for users and offers them a great convenience while chatting or sharing files . This article is dedicated to all those who are quite anxious to explore complete details about the new app.

According to online search engine giant Allo is made for those of Android and iPhone users. But, it is much more than being a chatting app. Its latest messaging app in that it is blessed with the power of Google built-in and can learn over time. Of course its interface is quite similar as to any chat app, an integration of the artificial intelligence is something that distinguishes it from others and also takes the app’s productivity and also ease of use to a new level.

How does Allo Function? 

Allo also works on your available contact numbers similar to the most sought-after WhatsApp and therefore, you will be able to use it for sending text messages to anyone in your available contact numbers. Besides this, Google is also focused on three major aspects of its recently launched app – Google Assistant, Expression and Security.

During demo, Google clearly showed how one can use its new app for staying in touch with people. As mentioned, it appears like just any other chatting app, with bubbles chat appearance. You can see one sender’s chat bubbles appearing on one side in certain color and another sender’s chat bubbles appearing on the opposite side and you could then easily scroll up and down, in order to see the entire threaded conversation.

Just like Facebook Messenger, Allo also lets users send stockers sourced from artists across the world, as per revelation of Google. Indeed, it lets you use colourful emoji with some great expressions. But, one of the features is something termed as shout or Whisper. This allows you to slide up or down on the send button for changing the size of your reply, which clearly needs there is certainly no necessity to write in caps all the time especially when you are angry.

Allo also provides another great feature named Ink letting you be creative with your photos. It lets you do whatever you like with your images – you can in fact doodle on them, as for example. Besides, the new app also took some Smart Reply feature from Google’s Inbox app so you can also respond quickly, especially while you go. Apart from this, if someone approaches you to grab dinner, Allo may then definitely serve up responses like I am busy or I am in.

According to Google, the latest app also uses machine learning and also natural language processing mainly to suggest those of reply on the fly, which clearly means that it can easily anticipate what you want to say next and also how you may say it. The more you use the said app, the better your advices become. Meanwhile, replies are just not limited to sending text messages only, you can also use emoji or stickers to send your reply to your contacts. The great thing about Allo is it understands the content and contexts of your picture. So, if you get an image of pasta from someone, you will be then able to explore smart replies like yummy or various other things. The main idea is that Google’s assistive technology can definitely help you in communicating with little to without much efforts.

Role of Google Assistant

Google Assistant is basically considered to be an important upgrade or also a great extension of Google Now. Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, already demoed Google Assistant during Google I/O this year. He said, “We just want people to experience an ongoing two-way dialog with the complete virtual assistant.” Bear in mind that virtual assistance trend kicked off in 2011 with the introduction of Siri. For instance, anyone chatting with his/her friend seeking to eat French food for lunch or dinner, Google Assistant will then be able to suggest them the best available French restaurant nearby at the bottom of the app’s messaging window

More and more, Google Assistant is also known for having a complete access to Google’s Knowledge graph so it is capable of helping you with every important situation. You can use Google Assistant at any time by taping @google in the app. You will be able to chat directly with it and also ask anything that you wish including some funny cat images and others. This is not the limit, Google Assistant can in fact remember things as well, including your name, address and also your favourite sports team. It also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for determining important stuff that includes the context of your questions.


Google’s latest app of course includes some great security features. All your messages in Allo are encrypted. Aside from this, it also offers incognito mode similarly as Chrome browser does. This clearly means that you get access to not only end-to-end encrypted messages but also various features like expiring chats and also various private notifications. You can hence keep your messages fully protected. Google actually wanted to offer a proper choice to many users on that chats they wish to be encrypted. But, it comes with a catch as the smart reply options or Google Assistant actually doesn’t function in the incognito mode.

Benefits of Allo

The latest app is meant to be tied to your contact number. So you can get a liberty to text anyone in your phonebook. You can in fact doodle on your images, book reservations and then raise Google Assistant questions, search for some vital details and also enter an Incognito mode, etc. And the most important thing is that all of these can get done within this one, free app.

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