DMOZ Calls Off Its Services from March 14, 2017

The most popular open directory site DMOZ will no longer be available from March 14 this year, as per announcement of leading directory site. The directory site is famous for using human editors for the main purpose of organizing websites, has decided to finally call off its services. The site actually marks the end of a time when humans rather than machines tried to organize the website.

Came into existence in June 1998, it earlier came as GunHoo and then changed again NewHoo, a significant competitor to Yahoo directory site at that time. Meanwhile, Yahoo faced lots of criticisms as being too complex and too strong for site to be listed in.

After this, it was acquired by Netscape in November 1998 and then renamed as Netscape Open Directory. After this, AOL gained Netscape and then it was again renamed as The Open Directory.

The birth of major search giant Google changed the face of the internet and users got a reliable platform that can help them in searching everything online. The US based company bought a power of being able to search every important page on the website with great relevancy that was indeed a hallmark of those of some human-powered directories.

Yahoo, on the other hand, finally adopted the machine-generated results over human power, pushing its important directory further and also further the scenes until its closure was then announced on September 2014. Yahoo finally made its announcement of closure in December 2014.

DMOZ, however, became able to catch the attention of numbers of visitors and also those of search marketers by offering them genuine results with various advantages

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