Does Google’s SEO Advice Always Work?

Google always provides SEO related advice based on current trends to help the SEO community. But, should you rely on this advice? Well, this article is going to explain several reasons in this regard.

The previous month, the search engine giant Google released a video explaining ‘How to Hire an SEO’. The advice offered by the video was indeed useful and valuable. But, it was biased and incomplete to some extent. For instance, the blog clearly states that some valid recommendations from an SEO must be corroborated by those of some official Google statements, but it frequently avoids giving comments on algorithm updates, and they have indeed certainly been known to what they prefer to SEO to perform, not necessarily what they actually work.

There are a large number of highly reputed SEO service providers that seem to be seriously considering every official statement what Google releases relating to ranking factors. But, if the leading search engine is the sole source of data and also best practice details, then the results of the SEO’s work tend to be suboptimal.

So, those who are in search of a highly reputable SEO Company for getting the best results need to keep in mind that Goggle doesn’t always offer the right suggestions in this arena and their data is also incomplete. Not to mention Google’s sole purpose is to earn profits, like other businesses.

Here are some reasons why you should not trust Google’s advice.

Google’s statement is not Gospel truth

In the year 2011, Google introduced a much-talked authorship feature. In this, the provision was made for website content that is meant to be attributed to a particular author with the use of markup. Those authors having several top-quality published content can become their own positive ranking factor for content attributed to them. It was of course taken as a great chance for both content writer and search engine optimization professionals.

However, in 2014, such authorship was called off. The reason for this Google cited the low value and also low adoption rates to the majority of searchers. Now the question is, is it the right step to discontinue features offering low value? Well, the genuine answer is NOT. So, it clearly explains that one should not invest their time and money into any activity on the basis of Google’s recommendations.

Another example, in this case, is Google announced last year that those sites with intrusive interstitials are entitled to be penalized. The search engine also announced that the change and also forewarned SEOs and webmasters so they would then definitely get some to offering these issues. But, when the changes were introduced, they didn’t make any adverse impact on these sites.

Incomplete data    

As mentioned above, Google always provides incomplete data. The majority of SEOs rely on Google Analytics, Search Console for data relating to SEO activities. But, they need to remember the fact that these tools are incomplete and don’t offer real pictures.

For instance, Google introduced SSL encrypted search in 2013 for every user. The change removed keyword data that was earlier accessible with help of Google Analytics, and replaced it with instances of ‘not provided data.’ The SEO professionals were compelled to turn a new viable source ‘Google Search Console, in order to get the facts in regard to keyword ranking.

However, the study conducted by Moz clearly revealed that numbers of Search Console are completely different in search or also Google Analytics data. This helped researchers to make conclusions that webmasters need to be sceptical of the data in Google search console and also should validate the data retrieved to avoid those unreliable facts. It is also observed that data offered by the search engine is also estimated, rounded, incomplete and sampled. So, if you are planning to hire services of an SEO company, you are suggested to ask which tools they use.

Remember Google is a private company, not a public service

Whenever Google introduces any changes, the reason it provides almost offering a good user experience. This is something that makes it easy to imagine that their decisions are aimed at providing a wonderful service and also enhancing the user’s experience. So, visitors can easily spot what they are looking for easily and quickly.

But the fact is Google is not a public organization, it is a profit-making company. This clearly explains that the company introduces everything keeping its interests in mind. According to an FTC report in 2015, FTC made a comparison of Google’s internal policies and public statements in regard to these policies and discovered lots of inconsistencies. On the basis of this, FTC found enough evidence to questions whether Google’s search results

  • Are meant to benefit users to the search engine
  • Penalize bad websites or Google’s competitors
  • Use those of unbiased algorithms or human decision

Not to mention, Google’s main profits are made by those of paid advertisement.

Google earned hefty revenues from paid advertising and seems to be dedicated to it. In 2016, it introduced a fourth advertising slot above the main page and then expanded the total amount of text that tends to appear in your advertisements. While these changes are something that driven increased ad growth, they in fact also harmed organic search growth that is arguably not in the user’s best interest. You can observe that ad label continues to be disappearing slowly in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It seems that Google gives more preferences to paid ads than organic results.

SEO is highly competitive and more complex

Some people observe these changes as the end of SEO, but that is far from true and doesn’t have anything to do with reality. The fact is that SEO is not dead, but it is indeed more competitive than ever before due to certain changes. If sources are to be believed, more than over 75 million blogs are posted monthly on WordPress alone.

This is something that clearly indicates that the amount of content online is massive and also there are many service providers vying for user’s great attention. Moreover, the growth in search engines is certainly not surprising provided than Google reports. Besides, the search generally represents an important market for inbound traffic and also the bottom line is Google is still the most preferred and famous online search engine. It gives a strong and result-oriented marketing platform for marketers.

So, you should set your eyes on SEO who has better understandings of modern SEO strategies and delivers the most promising results.

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