Google Announces to Remove Phone Crawler and Error Report in Search Console

The leading online search engine revealed that it has dropped support for crawling the web as a feature phone and also eliminated several crawl error reports in Search Console.

According to Google, “majority of websites generally don’t offer feature-phone-compatible content WAP/WML.” The search engine also stated that because of such change, they brought changes in how it crawls feature-phone content. This indeed doesn’t have any impact in terms of how the leading search engine indexes or crawls smartphone content, just feature phone. There are many feature phones letting you access sites in a completely text-based interface.

Google is planning to not use the feature-phone user agents for crawling forward. So, users will not be able to see these in their logos. This clearly indicates that if you don’t have an important feature phone support on your site, you also need to use ‘handheld’ link annotations for dynamic serving of feature-phone content.

As per Google’s revelation, it is no more using phone crawling feature, the crawler effort reports for this gone away.


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