Google Panda Is Likely To Hit In Upcoming Weeks

The leading search engine optimization gives an indication of the launching of the latest version of Panda, likely to be introduced in the upcoming weeks. Google’s Gary Illyes has revealed that this latest strategy of the search giant. He also revealed that it will most probably take place in the next two to four weeks.

He, however, quoted as saying it is an effort of data refresh, not the algorithmic changes. So, those sites affected adversely with this algorithm may definitely expect for some positive outcomes in terms of recovery in the coming time. Meanwhile, upcoming data refresh may not be cause of recovery for all sites. This clearly indicates that some sites can’t expect recovery. New websites, on the other hand, may also be penalized with the upcoming step.

Illyes also stated that it is search engine’s interest to keep such change and Google is bound to keep this updated time to time as possible. However, it needs manual updates and can’t operate by itself like some of other algorithms.

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