Google plans to introduce new voter registration search tools

The leading online search giant Google on Monday (July 18) green signalled of launching a new tool named voter registration search tool. Its official blog explains about the new tool and according to it, if anyone searches for ‘register to vote’ or similar keywords, then they will explore a complete analysis ‘detailed state-by-state guide’ covering how to register, requirements to votes and registration deadlines.

However, a new tool from Google is yet to live on. The following image posted by Google gives you some ideas and concepts of the new tool.

Aside from the latest tool, the leading search giant also cleared that searches for upcoming Republican and Democratic National Convention on the Google App will surface the complete information along with the speaker lineups. You can watch the live streaming of this event on YouTube.

Google came with similar efforts in the year 2014. It introduced similar voter search tools with search results tailored to answer some important questions like ‘What is registration deadlines’ and also ‘How do I vote’. The latest tool is expected to roll out only after the next week.

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