Google Update: Penguin, the Return

Google Update News: Penguin 2.0, the small brother of Penguin 1.0 has hatched on May 22th, 2013. The white and black animal is younger but gets tougher. Yes, Penguin 2.0 is not a Penguin 1.0 with a new haircut (i.e. a little refresh), this is a new brewed Penguin (i.e. an update).


The new Penguin is getting way smarter at catching web spamming and it already made few victims among specific industry niches such as porn and gaming. However, it would be too simplistic to think these niches are only super spammy and the penguin got mad.
While the rest of the world is starting to breathe again, the famous search engine specialist, Dr. Meyers from MOZ, pointed out that the anger of the bird was quite unpredictable. Some cues trigger its madness in some industries, while the same cues seem to let him quite pacific in other industries.

Needless to say that this is enough to suspect the updated algorithm to have “acquired” a higher degree of integration. The bird is getting sneakier. Of course, innocent victims won’t let it bite too hard and Google will surely have to train it further to prevent such unsuitable behaviors in future.

With such a cranky animal, it is important to stay away from its beak. To avoid awakening the beast, Matt Cutts, the official penguin caretaker at Google, suggests following the regimen he advised for all penguins.

  • Friendship cannot be bought – do not succumb to link sales,
  • True friendship is rare – exchange links with moderation,
  • Friendship is honest – linking pages must follow PageRank,
  • Only close friends can judge well – keep your links in your industry niche.

It is also important to remind the overall ideal of penguins. They actually share the same dream with pandas: making the SERP a better place for users’ pleasure.

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