How to Increase Website Ranking


It often happens even to the reputed sites that on some fine day you get hysterical by not finding your website in the top ten search results displayed by major search engines. Not even in the top twenty, thirty or even forty results. Then what to do in such a case? Down trending website ranking can cause serious damage to your traffic and sales proposition. But before incorporating some major SEO tools, these basic tips would surely help in improving the ranking of your website.

There are terra bytes of the document out there over the internet that claims to give accurate as well as explicit guidelines to follow in order to improve the ranking of your website. Though cannot be treated as misguiding at the general perceiving level it is too much confusing. Following the ground level, the basic rule is key to accomplish your objective. While striving hard for the ranking, there are two major issues that should be taken care of immediately. The first is to put the focus on the home page of the website and the second task is to do little research on your keywords.

STEPS to increase Website Rank

1) Well Organized Right Content

Since the past decade, there has been a significant change in the way in which Google crawls and index the website. Presently it gives priority to quality-rich content. Well organized and information-rich content is now the king and related infographics related to content serves as an add-on. Moreover, the proper introduction of the website also puts a positive impact.

2) Keyword Density and its Proper usage

The keyword of the website is a two-way tool. Insincere usage may put your website on a spam list whereas efficient usage allows your website to display in the top ten search results. Some basic tips for efficient usage of keywords are:

  • Including your target keyword in the domain
  • Including your target keyword in the URL of the website.
  • Using H1 (Header 1) Tags from your target Keyword: While posting any article always remember to include your target keyword in the title of the article. But don’t stuff your article description with keywords. Proper and grammatically correct usage will promote your content in the right direction.
  • Moreover, if you are using infographics in your content, then always try to put your target keyword in the alt text description.

3) Keyword Density

Major search engines look for the density of the keyword in the content of the website. Deliberate usage of keywords surely doesn’t help. Keep it natural, meaningful and informative. There are tools available over the internet to check the density of the keyword. Long and complex keywords also put a negative impact, so always try to keep your keyword short and simple. Maximum two words keywords are effective and easy to search

4) Directories Submission

It is one of the most effective and result oriented tools to increase the ranking of the website. There are millions of directory submissions sites that accept URLs and thus providing the most needed backlinks to the website. It is however important to submit your directory to the correct category. For example, if you are a travel package service provider then you must submit your website to the travel category otherwise it wouldn’t be helpful.

5) Meta Data

Heading metadata is accountable for the page titles exposed at the top of a browser window.  Title metadata is the most tag on your website. Apart from Metadata, Description Metadata also is important. It is descriptive information about your website that the search engines search for. It can be assumed as a short information about the website. It should be concise, informative and appealing and relevant to the services and products of the website that you intend to sell or deliver through the site.

6) Effective use of Social Media

In today’s digital world, almost every person is connected with social media. So what could be the best way to advertise your site other than social media? Regular activity and posts of your site on these platforms would considerably increase the ranking of your website in a short span of time.


The above-written tools are most effective when used simultaneously but in a balanced proposition. Upgrading or downgrading the ranking solely depends on the number of visitors to your website. Offering various attractive packages, discounts and quality service, as well as trusted partnerships, plays important role in the same.

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