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As we all know Google keeps updating algorithm and the old SEO techniques are not helping any longer. In the old days, we were just focusing on creating backlinks and it was enough to get higher ranking in Google. Today, it is really different and the SEO work needs to target the website more broadly to improve its ranking.

Together, what should we do and how should we do it? Firstly I would say to focus on the ON page optimization for each website and do it very carefully. This means creating meta tags, alt tags, heading tags, interlinking etc. They are very important factors to improve a website ranking. After the ON page optimization, of course comes the OFF page optimization. A great care must be placed in the quality of the backlinks. They must come from good websites, i.e. whose content is not duplicate and is valuable.

Where should we focus on while optimizing a website?
1. Keyword Research: The keyword research is one of the most important parts of SEO. The keywords have to be selected smartly. They must not be too broad andthe safest option is to try selecting keywords that are less competitive. While keywords with too much competition are bad, keywords no one searches for are bad as well. You still want to be able to generate a large amount of traffic.

2. Creating Title & Description Tags: Creating meta tags i.e. title and description Tags for each page is a tough job. You must think twice before creating it. Before starting creating tags, you must have your list of keywords and attribute each of them to a specific page. Look carefully to know which keywordis best suited suitable which page. While doing this, you must not forget to distribute the keywords on the pages:The keywords with high competition first and the keywords with low competition last. Finally, while creating meta tags remember they must be unique for each page. Keep each keyword to one specific page and do not put the same keyword on another page.

3. Optimizing Heading Tags: Heading tags really help to improve the website ranking. They help focus on the keywords that are the most valuable i.e. able to drive more traffic on the page. They are different headings to use (H1, H2, H3) according to the keywords. Try to promote the page with 3 to 5 keywords. According to the keyword search, you already know which keyword is going to drive more traffic. Thus, you must use H1 for the top keyword of the page and H2 & H3 for the other keywords. Remember each page must have only a single H1 tag. In contrast with a H1 tag, H2 and H3tags can be used several times in the page.

4. Content Optimization: Today content is king in SEO. It means that any content will not do the trick and improve the website ranking. The content must be unique content on each page and it must be well written i.e. without spelling or grammar mistakes. I am talking based on my experience here; each time I updated the content of a page, the page moved up. Of course, the content must match the page and use the top targeted keywords. Do not hesitate to use Strong tagson some keywords to emphasize them.

5. Internal Linking: Internal linking indicates to search engines which pages of the website are more valuable and of course it helps improving its ranking. Additionally, It helps the visitors to navigate from one page to another easily. You must use a top keyword of the page linked as a hyperlink on the linking page to help increase the ranking of the linked page. Remember to do internal linking carefully. The keywords and linked pages must be relevant otherwise it is going to harm your website. Avoid doing too many internal links on one single page; stick to 3 links (or less)on a single page.

6. Image Optimization (Alt Tag Optimization): Having alt tags for the targeted keywords help to getting higher ranking. It also helps to get images ranked in the image search. Together, with correct names or keywords,not only you can help increasingthe website ranking but you can gain traffic from the images.

7. URL Structure Optimization: The URL structure is important to get ranked in search engines and URL structure optimization must not be underestimated.

For example,
The product/category name appears as a number. If you can use in the URL one of the targeted keyword, it will help getting higher ranking. See here the optimized URL:


OFF page optimization is the second part of SEO where links are created. Different ways must be used to create backlinks in order to improve website ranking. Creating backlinks requires being careful. All the links must be coming from relevant websites and must not use your exact keywords as anchor texts. Try to get backlinks for 15 to 20 % of the keywordsand use your brand name, domain name, and your own name as anchor texts to get backlinks. As said before content is king, this is true for website content and for content posting. Quality content is the key. Write unique content around your topic of expertise. Content must be interesting and give a lot of information to users. Any post that is genuinely trying to help people to learn and solve their issues will be loved, commented, and shared. When people start sharing your post, it will give a lot of value to the post and increase the quality of backlinks from this post to the website.

1. Blogging: Blogging is one of the most effective ways to promote website/blog and increase traffic. Most of the bloggers create blogs and earn money using their blogs. There are many free platforms to create blogs around (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Svbtle, Quora etc.) and post content. Creating a website blog to post content will greatly help gaining website backlinks. You must create blogger profiles and post content regularly to get quality backlinks. Remember all content must be unique, no copy &paste are allowed.

2. Guest Posting: Doing guest posting boosts social recognition and givesgreat benefit to website, business and brand. Guest posting helps getting high quality backlinks and promote the brand name online. Guest posting helps buildinga relationship with other bloggers and entering the blogger community is a must. Guest posting also helpsgetting feedback from outside and helpstesting both writing style and accuracy.Of course, good guest posting can help reaching new customers. The social benefit with guest posting is great and Google likes social. I strongly recommend guest posting.

3. Forum Discussion: Forum discussing is a good way to get in touch with other online users and to learn from them. I have tried it and I use it a lot. I can say I have learnt a lot from forums. When an issue or question comes in, forums discussion websites are great to obtain an answer fast or at least to open the discussion. Many users come with their own view and share their experience. Beside the personal growth, it is an excellent place to gain good quality of backlinks.

4. Article Submission: Posting articles is a good way to get traffic and backlinks if posted on top article websites. Once again, the hard part is to write and post unique articles and the trick is to post only on top websites. Personally, I gave up posting the same article 10 times. Now, I use each article once onone website such as Ezinearticles or some other top articles websites.

5. Press Release Submission: Submitting press release will help to get visitors on your website and bring more customers for your business. The key feature of a good press release is to help people discovering a company or a new product/service. Of course, good press release directories help building quality backlinks, improve website ranking and increase website traffic.

6. Image Sharing: Image sharing/posting is a good way nowadays to bring traffic and promote business products/services on the Internet. Let people know about your business and your products with sharing websites. The trick is to create nice photos that will attract people and engage them enough to share it. Great photos will appear in Google image search too, help gain traffic and backlinks.

7. Profile Creation & Promotion: Creating user profiles of different websites where you can give your opinion helps establishing yourself as an expert, helps increasing your social recognition and get quality backlinks. The trick is to create a profile page, not only put there the URL of your website! You must work on your profile description; you are selling yourself here as an expert. A visited and appreciated profile makes the backlink more valuable and your website ranking faster.

These are the points I believe to be today the most important to work on to improve our website ranking. Good luck.

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