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Reasons to Focus on Google My Business Services to Make Digital Marketing Better

Google, one of the best search engines, has truly given new dimensions to online marketing, internet marketing or digital marketing. It also starts new platforms for better social networking; while also shuts down some of its services. Recently shut down social platform Google Plus or Google+ is one of them. It doesn’t mean, the search engine platform has not been focusing on its social networking. Experts are working continuously to add new features and business tools in their search results and to make search engine marketing better. Google My Business Profile is one of them – designed to maximize brand’s exposure through Google search and provide them with a better opportunity to increase traffic through organic search.

Google My Business Listing with Some Added Features


Google My Business Listing

As far as Google My Business is concerned, it isn’t a new platform, but offering its services for a long time. However, it is updated with some innovative and creative features to make it better than before. Its features make it ideal to use and help you use it for better branding. There are different tools introduced by Google to make this platform better than before. These tools are designed and developed to focus on endowing with better options – mainly for better branding and prompting your Google Presence – all that is done to drive traffic.

Some of the latest tools and features that have been added to this profile or platform include, but are not limited to:

  • With some added features, Google allows businesses to offer new rewards to customers – the following business.
  • Google has been offering brands a new way to make their presence better and impressive.
  • It is important for business listing – mainly for users who visit it and unleash deals and offers available.
  • Google has come up with Welcome Offer to lure the target audience to make frequent visits to the listings.

You will get an opportunity of custom URL that is all about making a short name and URL for their business. Short URLs are the best source of referring customers back to profiles and help them using the same URLs to reach out to the brands to catch up on the latest updates – mainly to write a review or booking anything. Now, Google is all set to test something more to help customers search short names in Google Maps.

This new platform comes with new visual options – mainly to cover photos and displays. As soon as one upload a new image, it will start showing instantly on Google My Business Profiles. You can upload custom logos for profiles that are displayed at the top right-hand side of their profiles.

Google My Business Profiles

New Stickers and Offline Promo Materials have been added to Google My Business profile and platform. You can download and order custom assets of the business. You can try them in the form of physical stickers – mainly to help to promote booking, encourage follows and prompt reviews for this profile. They work as social platform tools to add more value to your business profiles.

Some of the latest features have been added to Google My Business Listings that include:

  • A New Tab “Follow” in Google Maps – that is all about keeping users updated from relevant businesses right from the app.
  • “Google Post” – it is also a new tool added to Google My Business Listing – to help brands publish short updates and announcements.
  • Now, merchants and businesses will to an option to show up in more Google Maps search for local providers.
  • Google has also added a new section to help you display and showcase special offers within the Google Business Listings.

There is a lot more associated with it. Here, you have to find the right Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing Company offering you complete solutions to add more features in Google Business Listings.

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