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What Is New in Google Chrome Updates Mainly Over the Privacy of Users?

Google Chrome has become one of the favorite and most preferred/used cross platform web browsers – released in the year of 2008 for Microsoft Windows and with the passage of time it was ported to iOS, Android, MacOS and Linux too. In order to provide users a better experience, this web browser cross platform from Google comes with some changes and updates – mainly for the privacy of users and to provide them a better browsing experience.

It has come up with some new techniques – mainly to enable deep links to documents (that are web documents) to allow Google to link a single word of text and its position on the page. It is not a new way as Google has already done this earlier. This security concern from the web browser doesn’t require an anchor – a link to any text (specific piece of text) within a document.

This way can be helpful in a number of ways that will allow the link-creator to spell out any segment of the page is motivating without relying on author remarks.

This update – mainly over the privacy concern will be helpful in a number of ways for web analysts and SEO managers, who are working on different projects and worrying about the link quality.

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