20% Mobile Queries Are Voice Based Search – Google Says

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has revealed that about 20% of queries on its mobile app and Android app are on voice-based. He revealed it during Google I/O keynote and clearly indicated that the growing number of mobile users in today’s time. This compelled the online search engine to introduce some new changes in its SERPs, in order to give a new experience to users.  He stated this in the context of launching Google’s new Amazon Echo competitor.

The revealed figure of 20% is less than compared to the earlier figure revealed by Eric Schmidt, Google Executive Chairman, in September 2010. He claimed, “Voice search figures are 25% on Android searches in the United States.”

The leading search engine already reported that there has been a notable improvement in voice assistance and also voice search usage, on the basis of the report. According to 60% of the survey, correspondents say that they started using virtual assistant and voice search in the past 12 months.

The credit goes to virtual assistants like Google’s voice-based search, Cortana, Google Home and more are inspiring people to go for voice-based searches, which are highly popular especially among those of mobile users. And this is the most probably actual reason for the current figure of the continuous percentage of voice searches.

With the growing percentage of voice searches and also their migration to mobile devices, the importance of SEO and content also increased. Besides, such queries also tend to become more transaction over time since virtual assistants generally allow for conversation and bookings with the use of voice.

The leading online search engine also announced that it has integrated a wide range of third-party transactional services into Google Home such as Spotify, Pandora, Uber, WhatsApp and more.

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