Google Introduces a New Tool to Test Mobile-Friendliness, Mobile Speed and Desktop Speed

The leading online search engine Google finally confirmed the launch of a new landing page that can easily test mobile-friendliness of your website and also its mobile speed and desktop speed. The specific tool aims to make it convenient especially for small businesses to test such features of their sites to rank them well.

Here are some great aspects of newly launched tool:

  • It lets you find all three scores (mobile-friendless, mobile speed and desktop speed) on one page.
  • The search engine then emails you about a more comprehensive and detailed report for you to share it with your webmaster team.
  • If your site is not mobile-friendly, Google will then award 0 out of 100 marks

Here is a detailed explanation of the score

  • Nicely done. It seems people visiting your website on their mobile phones experience a well-designed mobile site.

  • Mobile speed generally indicates the total time taken by your site to appear on mobile devices. It looks like your website is slow on mobile phones. Unfortunately, most people will not wait very long before leaving a slow loading site and also tapping somewhere else.

  • Desktop speed indicates how much time your site takes to appear on the desktop. It looks like your website is slow on desktop and laptop. In today’s world, people expect an instantaneous response. Any delay encourages them to move on another site.

The newly launched tool really works great compared to those of other tools launched by Google in the past. You can get a detailed report of mobile speed and desktop speed, as you scroll down

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