5 Fake Promises Made By SEO Companies

SEO changed a lot when it comes to trends and now, it is not so easy it used to be. But, still, there are serval SEO Companies that follow the same tactics to tempt their clients and try to misguide them by offering false promises. There are only a few reputed SEO Companies that make genuine promises and deliver the best services to their clients. Readout all points which you have to keep in mind while hiring a company for SEO Services.

  1. Experienced team in all Industries

Most of the SEO agencies pretend that they have a large number of SEO experts who have experience in this field and they will target an accurate audience for more queries. But, it is one of the biggest lies and the agency doesn’t have many clues about your industry. So, before hiring an agency just recheck that they have experience in this niche or just try to make you a fool.

  1. We recover within a month from any penalty

Ever since Google published different algorithm updates, clients searching for SEO recovery companies from panda or penguin penalty. There are many companies who ensure to recover from SEO penalties within a month but it’s not so easy. Google has been constantly making some minor updates to their algorithm, so just you need to keep tracking your website performance which gives you a better idea of recovery.

  1. We guarantee to keep you ranking at #1

Of course, everyone hires an SEO Agency to get the #1 ranking and it’s not wrong to desire. Most of the SEO services providers ensure you #1 ranking for your keywords. But, it is not possible to get a #1 rank in a limited time frame. Google always tracks every website and it takes time, so go for a company that gives you more queries and traffic through other ways except only ranking.

  1. We use unique content for your website

No, they don’t always use unique content, they just use content spin tools to save their time and money. So always check that you are getting any traffic-driven content on your website. Of course, content is king and it’s really useful to drive more traffic to your website.

Now, if you are going to hire an SEO Company then follow all these points which help you choose the best agency that doesn’t lie to you.


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