How to Optimize for Competitors’ Branded Keywords

Now-a-days to have good traffic for your website it is really necessary to have a good and effective keyword which can help you to have a good customer views for your products and services. For effective SEO and PPC targeting competitors’ branded keywords is extremely essential. Knowing it to do more effectively will help you to target good interest and views. Different keywords help to tingle the different interest of people.

To steal away the traffic towards your website the first thing which you need to concentrate is optimizing for competitors’ branded keywords. But that is not all to get into the race you need to put yourself in the same link as competitors’, get the reviews posted on the same site which your competitors use. And of course, try to optimize both branded and non-branded keywords of competitors.

Today we are going to see how we can optimize for competitors’ branded keywords:

Plan an approach strategically

Strategically you need to search for the correct and exact trending words which are branded words which drive the maximum traffic for your competitor. Have your own seed list, where you can set the branded keywords which you can use it in permutation and combination which will help you get the exact keywords.

Check the keywords what traffic they are driving

This process needs some study and experiment. Put the keywords in ad word and check what traffic sense they are bringing. Are people accepting these or looking for some alternatives.

Things to be considered

Certain things need to consider while optimizing the competitors’ branded keywords, such as what customer segment you are targeting, what are their point of interest, what they look for, then you can go ahead and consider these and choose the keywords to target.

Do the survey

Do the survey, ask the customers what they want, what exactly attracts them and you will get your keywords accordingly.

Find out the right phrases and term

Choose the right phrase and term by checking the funnel status, if it is the top, middle or bottom. You can find out the alternative terms to the keywords used by your competitors, which can work effectively for your site. Get alternative phrase for the same title change it, for example: “health benefits of cucumber”, “Usage of cucumber”, “What cucumber do for your health”.

Mold the content accordingly

Write attractive content which will insist reader come to your blog or site to read it and know more about your products. Use third-party reviewer to write about your products.

Go for a hosted location

If you want to have your product comparison described it will be better to find a third party to write about your product, rather than making your own home page congested.

Promotional activity

Even your website requires promotion. Your content must have some message which will force visitors to come back to you. You can have a native post at another host sites which will help you to promote your site.

In all these aspects always remember to consult with the legal team, so that they can check if there is any trademark issue. That’s all, follow these steps to optimize the branded keywords for your website.

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