A Serendipitous Talent or How Life Made Me a Search Engine Optimizer

This blog is described as A blog talking about search engine optimization to non-SEO experts.

You might have read in a previous post that nothing was supposed to bring me into search engine optimization. This is true. All my university degrees say Life Sciences and I have years of lab and teaching experience. Surprised?

One day, years ago now, I started talking with a guy and I asked what he was doing. He answered he was doing SEO – three letters I had never seen associated together before. After a brief explanation, I missed the point and I was dithering. However, as soon as my brain started to process what was exactly this SEO job, dozens of questions popped into my mind. My curiosity for SEO started and never stopped!

You might think – “Girl, what is your point? How to jump from science to SEO?”. Let me give you the link between sciences, search engine optimization and increase website traffic.
One single day in a lab can generate gigabits of data. The tricky part is how to record, archive and find the one piece of data you need in this giant pile of data.

Similarly, the Internet is a gigantic source of information. Search engines are the masters at retrieving the information you are looking for in few milliseconds.

My appetite for understanding how things work on the Internet started to grow. What is happening between your query and the answer?

You will realize immediately how complex the job is for search engines and how important it is to simplify their task – this is all about search engine optimization! SEO is incredibly strong in India, here we go: I am in an SEO Company in India.

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