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Welcome, everyone. My name is Arun Singh and I am your host.
An SEO Blog for non-SEO experts? I can hear you thinking  – of course, it will be complex because this blog belongs to an SEO agency. You are partially right. This blog does belong to ACSIUS, an agency with expertise in SEO India. However, I will really be trying to tell you about SEO with simple words.

Why this blog would be different? – Simply because I fell into SEO by accident a few years ago. I started with absolutely no SEO background whatsoever. I surely had myself all the questions you have in your mind popping into mine over the last years. You might even have questions tickling you that I did not think about yet.

I consider myself a still learning SEO person. Thus, I enjoy my position as an SEO learner in an SEO agency full of SEO experts. Why? I allow myself to ask casually my naive questions!

You might be thinking now –  “Why should I read this blog, this girl does not even know what she is talking about…”. Well, of course, the Internet is free. Anyone can wake up one day and start writing about something.

I will give you two reasons to stop worrying. Firstly, I do belong to an SEO company in India. Second, a blog is a perfect place to interact and exchange opinions. I am encouraging everyone reading this blog to comment on the posts to add information.

Now that you know a little more about me, you surely understand why I was the perfect candidate to get onto this SEO blog for non-SEO people.

I hope you will enjoy reading it and I thank you in advance for your inputs.

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  1. This is a very useful blog for many because of its clarity and explanation people can understand various points for which they have not enough information.

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