Being Likeable Helps You Earn More Links

Creating a link is the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign as it plays a vital role in enhancing brand reputation. The best thing about link building is that it is both science and art. Using certain new and unique techniques, of course, helps you surpass your competitors. The sole purpose of this blog is offering some tips and guidelines for being a more likeable link builder.


You are not supposed to be a stalker and should respect others’ feelings. There are many websites that don’t display contact information. This clearly means that these sites are not interested to be contacted by anyone. Though there are several ways that can help you in getting contact details of these sites. But, you should not do it and respect their feelings.

You can understand it as if an individual says just go away and not interested to be contacted. You should accept it and never try to contact such an individual. You should not behave like harassing people endlessly and also on every important platform possible. As far as my personal experience is concerned – I get emails from the same person for the same deal, I simply turn down their offers and advice never contact me again. If you also send your email to those persons who are not interested in your offers, you can simply add them in ‘not to contact’ list.


If you observe that doesn’t seem perfect to you, you should always ignore it. If you think a website appears fine, but you may feel like you are missing something. The metrics are great and also the relevancy is there, but you feel prefer you need to spend more important time ensuring this is really a good website.

Never make a judgement call on the basis of appearance – This is something that clearly applies to those of amazingly fabulous sites and also those websites coded in Cold Fusion. Just because a site appears outstanding it doesn’t reflect it fits for you. It may certainly not indicate you in earning traffic and rank. On the other hand, even a hideous site can rank well and also send you relevant traffic.


You should often try to ignore something that is not going to happen. In case webmaster rejects your proposal, you should always accept it and also never try to keep to find 10 different methods of making it work. Sometimes, people often push back a little bit if people feel like the webmaster that doesn’t have a full understanding what people are asking for, but if the webmaster doesn’t understand, it is mainly because they think it is a great fit.

All you need to do is to accept rejection and then move on. This can easily cloud your judgement at times. It is possible that you may be offended and hate to admit it, especially when a webmaster rejects your proposal. When someone first starts link building, most of the people get very frustrated if people don’t prefer in terms of what they are proposing.

You should always remember the fact that if you take certain views that link building is just like relation-building, so you need to approach it just as you would a real-life situation. If you follow the same approach, you will definitely be successful in your own mission.

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