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Google Adds More Features to Test My Site Tool

Leading online search engine Google confirms that it has updated its Test My Site tool with more advanced features increasing its relevance to a greater extent.  Earlier it was meant to be used for testing the mobile speed scores of websites. Launched a year ago, the tool is now capable of showing visitor loss of your site due to slow loading speed and also lets you compare with your competitors.

The tool not only shows how much time your mobile site takes to load but also how many visitors you are actually losing especially during loading time. Besides, it also helps you in comparing to your competitors.

The tool is able to offer you some great action points in terms of how to make your site quick by certain detailed specific optimization techniques you can easily apply to your code and server. Moreover, it also continues to offer you a grade on your computer and mobile site speed, but also how it actually adds those additional features.

You can access to get details about your site.

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