Does Position # 1 Always Matter in SEO? Find Out Why?

If I say position #1 doesn’t matter always in search engine optimization, most of the people especially SEO professionals would think that I am a crazy man. As SEOs have main aim is to be on top to welcome more visitors and this helps them in enhancing the popularity of any site.

If you clearly see the below-provided screenshot, you will definitely back my point as this helps you in understanding some basic facts related to the same. Here I am searching for the best definition of SEO (using the keyword ‘what is SEO’). The perfect answer in accordance with search engine is clearly visible. In case if you wish to get more details, you can just click the link (

You can see the exact answer provided by that ranks #10. Google always choose the site offering the best and exact answer irrespective of their ranking positions in the SERPs. So this is prima facie! Do you still believe that I am wrong? Are you seeking to get more examples?

Well, I will not bother to offer you another example and clear your doubts. In the below provided screenshot, I tried to find the relevant answer of ‘what is SEO deal’ and the Google pulled the most accurate answer again from website ranking in #3, not from websites ranking on #1 or #2.

Now you can easily imagine the difference in the traffic for the #3 result using the same keyword vs the #1 and #2 without result. Of course, the top organic ranking tends to have large click-through rate. Meanwhile, the direct answer seems to take traffic from the top outcomes.

The above discussion clearly emphasizes the growing importance of content optimization. It is in fact highly crucial for you to optimize the content on all of your properties, not only your site. Besides, you also need to care about the full content description on your social profiles as you will never know when the search engine optimization is going to pick the right link for the most suitable answer.

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