Google Announces to Expand It’s TV Listing Features

Google revealed that it is all set to expand its TV show search features aiming to cater to those expecting some entertainment options from the leading search engine. The new feature will be able to reflect the exact live show information in terms of timing and channel information.

When users search for their favourite TV programs, they can’t expect from Google to get information only related to the website that can stream the show, but also start the show you that TV network and channel and also the exact timing of the live show on the channel.

“We are ready to enhance the experience of users who search for some popular television shows and seek to explore important information relating to it. Very soon, we are going to have live TV listings. So, the next time you search for a TV show, the listing will not only show you the site where you can find the relevant episode, but also offer details in terms of which channel you can access to catch the live show,” said, Google’s President of Global Partnerships, Daniel Alegre.

Back to 2013, Google already puts some efforts to add TV listings to their search results, but this was not so good. Meanwhile, the search giant has tried several times in the same direction to make TV search experience better aiming to offer a completely new experience to users.

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