Erroneous Concepts About SEO Nurtured By CEOs!


Higher ranking business executives at other firms, e.g. e-commerce firms, foster a few erroneous notions regarding Search Engine Optimization practices. Their ideas say that merely an SEO expert sounds more than enough to optimize their official business webpage up on Google. Nevertheless, this concept has entirely been discarded. Today, SEO expertise implies compound of other expertise and well-accomplished teams for a successful outcome throughout a long-drawn-out time period.

For amateurs in this industry who wish to have optimization services, need to avoid those offers what say about their sites’ fastest ranking on Google. SEO practices have never been very cozy and not even today. It has always been a prolonged process to get more traffic and make them stay as well. SEO services have become the most important vitalizing tonic for every business now in field. Today, independent ventures with special distinctiveness as SEO services Companies are wide-emerging. They are getting established with wide range of all associative services for the Website-Optimization.

But, here are handfuls of facts that must to be acknowledged by all CEOs, so as to let the project turn into a flourishing consequence.

SEO is not at all a STOPGAP process: Reasons behind a struggling practice are Google’s major algorithms – Panda and Penguin. Earlier, SEO experts were engaged in practicing Black Hat optimization what led drastic and permanent fall in website’s traffic with the help of Panda and Penguin.

Google does not allow the practitioners to build InternalLinks out of the numbers Google has guided. Quality courses and strategies are required for organic SEO practices. And to gain organic traffic to the website, it takes approximately 6-7 months of prolonged, dedicated timeframe.

SEO is a job of full-fledged and enthusiastic team: It is no more a single-handled task. The demand for quality search engine optimization services has apparently been enhanced. That’ why, a complete established SEO venture is now being preferred for around the clock service. An established venture is dedicated only towards website ranking in collaboration with other associative departments what include – Content Writer team, Social Media Marketing team and SEO experts. In addition, there are sales-team is also engaged for clients’ help in case of query.

Another fallacy of CEOs, “No tie between Content Marketing and SEO”: Well! This concept is completely thrust aside. Content, being single, is not capable of optimizing one’s website without the implementation SEO techniques. There is no-doubt regarding the necessity of full-fledged informative and genuine content for content marketing. But, how come this content marketing is possible without SEO techniques.

Well! Apart from this, what marketing stands for? Content writers themselves are not supposed to acknowledge the marketing strategies, Hence, who are left to do the job. Yes! The SEOs are. This again implies a complete collaborative brainstorming to promote those well-written contents on most popular and well-reputed websites by building Internal-Links. In a nutshell, Content marketing and SEO are integrated process.

Google reprieves the past habits, if new-fangled algorithms are exactingly followed: It was a time, when Black Hat SEO practices made CEOs believe that website ranking could be improved in short span of time by building backlinks in bulk to poor websites. But, now, Google has become a bit strict about it by releasing its new-fangled algorithms what do not allow SEOs practice Black Hat SEO anymore. Engaged personnel are now meant to develop informative, business plus customer oriented content very creatively and post them to several other reputed article, blog sites. Then, linking them to more other putative and relevant websites what can consider clients’ services as valid. Besides, focusing on spammy keywords has also been withdrawn. Only full-fledged informative and fresh content would get Google’s optimum attention.

CEOs ask, “How come ‘social media attention’ plays a great role?” : Look! Genuine, informative and customer-friendly contents are must for permanent ranking to any website. That’s for sure, but, if those contents are not noticed and read on any of these highly well-liked social media platforms, viz., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, then it causes a partial loss of traffic to the website. Google, now, gives more preference to those contents what’s being highly liked and well-commented on these social media platforms. This is how; higher traffic is gained to any site.


All these points mentioned above have reason to be highlighted. Many business owners, who have lately emerged, little do they know regarding search engine optimization, what is the foremost requirement for their business website. Some take it for granted and some nurture wrong-notions about the former SEO procedure and latest procedure. Thus, it needed to be detailed bit by bit for a crystal clear SEO services so as to decide upon total investment for the same.

“A good online marketing is completely backed by high-quality SEO Techniques.”

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