Top Mistakes of Search Engine Optimization!

Search Engine Optimization is a very lucrative field. Though a small mistake and you might lose whatever you earned through the efforts of years which you put on your website. Why to make such mistakes then? Here are a few SEO mistakes which we should always avoid.

Duplicate Content

No matter what, but you should never use duplicate contents on your website. Be it copied from your own website or from some other website as well, but in every case duplicate contents should be avoided on any website.

We all know about the Panda updates of Google which is strictly against websites using duplicate and poor quality content. So why to attract the penalty from the search engine giant?

We commonly see a misconception among many website owners that they can use the content which are of their own. No doubt you can use the content owned by you, but for once only. If you are going to create a new page on your website, try to put everything fresh on it, so that Google should always consider it as a fresh and unique page.

Many people also make the mistake of putting duplicate title, Meta keywords and Meta description for all their pages, though the mistake is made unwillingly only, but it is a big blunder. Whenever create a new page, create all the relevant data as well and try to make them unique too.

Over Optimization

Sometimes over enthusiasm makes people to over optimize their website. Unfortunately it is a big SEO mistakes which everyone should avoid. Don’t try to stuff your page with keywords; after all you can have natural flow of content on your website, which can be liked by your visitors.

Never ever prepare page for the sake of search engines, always prepare content which should be useful for your visitors. A satisfied visitor might impact your websites ranking on major search engines like Google.

Keyword stuffing on your website, using irrelevant keywords on any of your pages, or doing things which can make your website look cheaper and make it a spam website should always be avoided.

Link Building

Remember links are important, but we should never run behind getting links. Try to get quality links than getting quantity of links.

One of the most dangerous mistake as far as SEO is concerned, is to go through some automated link building programs. Always remember that such links are too harmful for your website. Poor quality article directories, directory sites, social bookmarking sites are really dangerous for your website, if you are getting any link from such websites, try to disavow the same.

Also one of the most important SEO mistake is to buy links from other websites. It can anytime penalize your website.

Internal Links

Internal links are crucial for your website; it helps in reducing the bounce rate of your website. We all know that bounce rate is one of the most important ranking factors for websites in 2014.

Try to utilize internal links so that it can give you SEO benefits. But then also remember not to overuse it.

Missing Alt Tags

One crucial SEO mistakes which many website owners make is of ignoring the Alt tags on their websites. Alt tags are the alternative tags which are being used for images, as search engines read it as the substitute of images.

Header Tags

Not many website owners are there who uses header tags like H1, H2, H3, etc. on their websites. This is one of the most common SEO mistakes. Try to use one H1 tags, one H2 tags, and a few H3 and H4 tags on all the pages of your website. Consult an SEO expert to get tips on how to optimize your pages and websites.

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