Five Reasons Why You Should Not Trust Any SEO Company Blindly

Being an SEO copywriter, I am a bit aware of the hocus pocus world of online marketing and this compels me to express my own views in favour of both SEO service providers and service seekers. In today’s digital marketing age, SEO firms have only one aim to get customers by crook or by hook and earn money as much as possible. They never hesitate in making fake promises and customers eventually found themselves be cheated and find no option except to rub their hands.

My main motto behind writing this article is to expose the inability of fake SEO companies and thus help all those looking to hire a genuine company to get exactly the same services they are looking for. I am explaining here some important points that you often notice these service providers never do.

They never explain their process to clients

The majority of SEO companies often avoid explaining the process to clients. This clearly reflects that they are doing something related to black-hat or other suspicious activities. They are not interested in letting you know what the actual process is, as they think you may not like it.

You can easily notice increasing spammy backlinks

It is advisable to keep watching your webmaster tool once you hand over your website to the SEO company. This helps you observe some possible progress in terms of traffic and some other related factors. Here, you can also observe spammy links of your websites. These links generally come from misguided link building. And most SEO firms are perpetrators of such links.

Neither explain nor adopt algorithm updates

Only a few SEO companies adopt algorithm changes and work accordingly!

Most of the SEO companies, in fact, don’t have an idea about any such updates and even they never take the same seriously. This is the reason why many such service providers disappeared completely. These changes are brought into existence by Google after observing the changing behaviour of users. So, it is vital to consider them for a successful online marketing campaign for websites.

Reporting platform is not appropriate

You must always stay in touch with an SEO service provider offering a suite of reporting tools like an online dashboard with your unique login. Some of these service providers use advanced tools like proprietary reporting system, which is available only to clients.

Here are several things you can expect from your provider –

  • Report on demand
  • Regular, weekly or monthly reporting
  • Complete analysis, assimilation and interpretation of data

Never offer any strategic consultation

SEO companies are blessed with professionals who are capable of offering you quick replies. But, this is certainly not a great thing. A genuine firm goes beyond just search engine optimization and offers some level of strategic consultations. Today, SEO moves around social media and quality content.

If your SEO company remains silent over such issues, you have a reason to ask about their legitimacy. A good service provider is indeed aware of when to speak and comment on such issues.


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