6 Effective Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your SEO

Did you know that social media has a tremendous impact on search engine optimization (SEO)? Social Media is the most sensational marketing buzzword in this era with various platforms such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and more which literally is lifting off a lot of companies brand presence. Basically, Social Media Marketing and SEO are two closely knitted organic inbound strategies that are focused on carving a strong identity that naturally drives in visitors. As social media, chiefly rely on high-quality content and notable strong brand presence, the efforts you put into Social media marketing can multiply your SEO boosting your search rankings.

Since social media has turned out to be one of the several factors search engines take into consideration when indexing content across the web, let’s dig deeper into how social media could constantly impact your company’s rankings in the major search engines.

Influences Social Sharing

Social sharing contributes to a brand’s power much in the same way that external links do. To search engines like Google, any sign of a valid external source is a green light to the brand or the content which is the basis for a little improvement in domain authority. So, if you can get seven people to share your Facebook post, that’s amazing, but if you can get 2,000 people to share it, that’s even better. Favorites, likes, shares, retweet, and reply all embrace toward this augmented authority.

Increases Quick Content Indexing

Remember, content shared across social media is taken into deliberation by search engines as a signal of quality information that should be ranked accordingly. The higher, the number of links a page on your website has, the quicker the search engines index this content in the rankings. As social media can foster in influencing the amount of links a piece of web content receives in a shorter period of time, it can many a times accelerate the process of indexation of the content on the search engines.

Grows Your Number Of Followers

The total number of connections and followers your social media profiles contain also has a noteworthy influence on your rankings. A company with 120 Twitter followers may not receive the ranking bonus of a big organization with a thousand Facebook likes and a thousand Twitter followers. Yet, there are certain conditions to this; Google can identify the quality of your followers, which means purchasing 50,000 proxy Twitter followers isn’t going to help much with your overall rankings.

Gains high ranking potential with Social media pages

Another SEO advantage of social media is that a lot of social sites have high domain authority and ranking capability. Therefore, many of the pages on these sites – counting profiles – are probable to rank for the targeted keywords, which create numerous search listings for a brand. This is perfect for reputation management campaigns.

Directs traffic and indirect links for SEO

With popular stories and articles posted on the biggest social media sites can bring in a huge amount of traffic – which is beneficial for branding as well as for gaining visibility. The major SEO advantage with this is the substantial increase in indirect links. The social media sites themselves don’t offer much link value, but several publishers and webmasters make use of social media sites for resources, which results in important editorial links that assist improve rankings.

Leverages Local Search

Local search is extremely crucial to businesses with a physical location, particularly small businesses. With the increase in mobile usage, a greater part of local searches for business are performed on the move with a smartphone. Be exertive where users are searching for your business or service providing every necessary information on the location-based social networks such as Foursquare, Yelp, Urbanspoon etc. with an updated location listing with every search engine. For Google, their business listings are done on Google+ local pages, whereas for Bing and Yahoo, these listings are more of inert profiles.

To Conclude

Being active on social media currently means getting ahead with SEO for tomorrow. SEO is not just about optimizing page content, keyword research, and building links any longer. You must get social to achieve success. Online marketing ideas are meeting (especially search and social), and the more areas you can cover up, the better results you will notice in each. Just bear in mind that search marketing is not an a la carte set of choices; it’s a seven-course meal.

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