App Store Optimization – Explore Top Ten Tips

ASO (App Store Optimization) is basically described as an important method to ensure your app meets app store ranking conditions and also increases top of the search engine result page (SERP). This article serves its sole purpose of describing some valuable tips for app store optimization.

Get details about your customers and competition

Being a successful marketer, it is important for you to know your customers in better way as a better SEO strategy revolves around. In order to do this, you need to ask yourself the following important questions.

  • What language your customers do use naturally
  • How would they actually describe your app
  • What keywords your competitors target
  • Reasons for downloading and using your app
  • Your competitive advantage
  • You must also decide whether you need to target some obvious keywords or less obvious keywords that generally better describe your offering.

Make selection of an appropriate name for your app

Choosing a perfect and unique name is not just a matter of branding but it is also helpful in ranking factor. In order to get the best results, it is advisable to include appropriate keywords within the title as it tends to play a crucial role in SERPs. Many surveys already verified the fact that apps with the appropriate keyword in the title ranked better than those apps without keywords.

You should maximize your keywords

Well, while most of these strategies generally apply across the board especially when it comes to the different app stores. The Google Play Store and App Store are said to have different approaches, as far as ASO keywords are concerned.

The App Store – It has basically 100 characters keyword field. It certainly uses titles and keyword phrases in these 100 characters with the main purpose to determine which search engines your app will show up. It is also crucial for you to use various allotted characters and also research carefully your keywords mainly to maximize your organic traffic.

Google Play – It generally takes an approach quite similar to modern search engine optimization. Google scans your description written for your app mainly to extract some relevant keywords. You get 4000 characters for describing it in completely natural customer facing language.

Write an impressive description

Your description must be compelling to catch the attention of people easily. It must be unique and written well with a clear message. It must be viewed as a call-to-action for those of potential customers. Besides, it must be convincing so that customers get a genuine reason to trust it. Your app’s description must be treated as a living document. Whenever you change it, take some time to indicate the changes in the product page’s description and also some screenshots mainly to call out several new features and also portray the same with an accuracy.

Choose an eye catchy logo

A stunning icon of your app is something that tantalizes the senses of a large number of people. When designing your icon, you must consider the fact that Google Play and the App Store generally vary in their approaches and also rendering of app icons. Both stores are known to have some pre-set standards for the idea size, geometry and also color scheme of the app icons designed with an aim to match the rest of the OS.

You can also include some special videos and screenshots

Though screenshots may not be able to make a direct impact on your search rankings, they can do the driver downloads. The fact can’t be denied that image expresses a lot about what it actually is and also brings your description text to life, letting potential customers visualize using your app before they go through the download process. While you will definitely be able to upload up to five screenshots for your iOS app and also up to 8 for Android app.

Choose local app listing

Statistically, customers are always willing to use their native language especially while shopping even if they have good proficiency in the English language. So, the app publishers can easily tap into such market by satisfying some unique preferences of their customer segments. In other words, if your audience actually goes beyond the English speaking world, it is advisable for you to consider language and also your brand communication to the needs and wants of every audience segment.

You can increase your traffic with outside promotion

On-page optimization is the most important tool for helping you drive traffic in your online marketing. Majority of app publishers witnessed that app indexing has proven to be a highly effective strategy for driving traffic to an app’s product page. App indexing is the most important process of making IOS and Android content linkable and searchable from a mobile web search. Those customers who visualize you indexed in a search result can definitely click on your link.

Update regularly

A frequent update indeed makes a good impact on customers and also improves their engagements. Releasing updates means you have won half the battle. Your next important step is to encourage your existing customers and prompt them to download the update. You can use the following strategies to sell your update to your existing customers.

  • Attract customers with the new features
  • You must also update the app description and also what’s new into this
  • Maintain some impressive reviews

Improve ratings and feedbacks

No one can deny the fact that positive reviews play a vital role in making a great impression on customer’s mind. A consistent flow of positive reviews indeed increases quality and credibility of your app. Besides, it is also helpful in drawing the attention of customers to a large extent.

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