Google Announces to Bring Certain Changes in AdWords Interface

The leading online search engine giant Google has announced that it is going to introduce certain changes in the AdWords interface, aiming to enhance the experience of online marketing professionals. The current interface is a 15-year old that seems to be an old fogey. The major announcement came in response to the number of issues and wishes raised by AdWords marketers.

“We are highly excited to make a final announcement of a re-designing process of AdWords interface that is quite necessary for today’s continuously changing online marketing scenario,” said AdWords Product Management Director, Paul Feng, through a blog.

Feng stated further, “Our AdWords is 15 years old and launched when Google was just figuring out the online advertisements. Today’s fast-changing advertisement world compelled us to take this step to cater to the needs of marketing professionals. We are committed to giving them a better experience. We, in fact, re-designed it several years ago for the desktop world. Meanwhile, smartphones are only one year old.

The redesigning of the AdWords interface is done on the basis of Material Design, Google’s design language used in numerous consumer products such as Gmail, Maps, and search.

As far as changes are concerned, there will be no functionality changes so the campaign will run as it is. The main focus is on the display with an aim to give a new experience to users.

In the newly designed surface, one can see only relevant navigation. For instance, Google will not display the video if you don’t run a video. Moreover, if you run a campaign without using any keyword, Google will not display the ‘keyword’ option, according to Feng.

Timeframe to rollout

Feng, however, indicated that re-imaging is a long process and will take time to be launched.

Meanwhile, Google mentioned that it will be introducing the designing facets that are designed initially to only a few advertisers. After 12 to 18 months, it will offer to big and small advertisers for their feedbacks and abilities on the basis they are using. For instance, those advertisers running video campaigns can visualize video campaign management views whereas other running shopping campaigns will certainly see the relevant area of the platform.

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