Google is Set to Boost Mobile-Friendly Algorithm in the Next Month

The leading search engine, Google has indicated that it is going to boost its mobile-friendly algorithm (known as Mobilegeddon) in the next month. According to webmaster blog, the new update is expected to roll out in May. Meanwhile, Google introduced mobile-friendly algorithm on April 21 last year (2015).

The new update tends to enhance the effect of ranking signal and will do in favour of mobile-friendly site. Those who have already such site don’t need to worry as there sites are not going to be affected by such changes.

Meanwhile, Google revealed that the new update will take place gradually so you can’t see immediate impact on those of non-mobile-friendly websites. Such sites, however, get affected in terms of their ranking in search engines. This update is just like Panda 4.2 introduced last year.

However, it is not clear that if the new update will take weeks or months. As the company just indicated that the new update is expected to take place in beginning of the next month this year (May 2016).

But, it is expected that the said changes will make less impact compared to the original mobile-friendly update. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you need to start working on it to avoid any impact from Google’s new step.

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