Google Warns Against Article Syndication and Content Marketing

The leading search engine Google warns digital marketers especially those performing activity like content syndication or other large-scale means – be careful doing it, as of now!

The post reminds those who generate content published in various important places that, even without care, they could defy Google’s rule against link schemes.

Google suggests avoiding doing content marketing just for links. However, the search engine maintains it is not against article syndication, but it also indicated that the said activity is mainly performed for gaining links, then you will face certain issues.

Now the question is, what does violate Google’s guidelines on link schemes?

Well, those websites creating several articles primarily made for links, Google then generally takes action on such behaviour since it is bad for web as a whole. If your main aim is gaining links from such activity, then the quality of your article tends to be deteriorated. Besides, it creates a negative impression and finally, users avoid reading it.

Those people who push such important content wish links since links, especially from those of some reputed publishers, are any of the important ways that content tends to rank better on a search engine.

What are the warning signs?

What are some signs that may reflect content distribution or related campaign violating its guidelines?

Those articles stuffed with keywords will not work;

In case you have articles published across different websites or having numbers of articles on a few large or different websites.

Hiring content writers who are not proficient in their own horizon or the topic they are supposed to cover

If you use similar content across your articles or duplicating the entire content of articles on your site.

Stay safe

Well, you can use two important ways to stay out of a problem – the first way involves using no follow on a particular link and second canonical tag on the page itself. Nofollow prevents some individual links from passing along ranking credit.

Publishers can face a problem as well      

It is important to keep in mind that Google’s warning is not only for those distributing content, but publishers can also face some issues in case they avoid it.

According to Google’s post – when the search engine finds a site publishing content with spammy links, this is something that can change Google’s perception of the quality of your site and could also affect its overall ranking. In other words, publishing these content can expose.

What does a new warning stand for?  

The new warning from Google seems to similar what it introduced back in the year 2013 when it cautioned about several links in large scale sponsored content, guest blogging, advertorials and press releases.

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