Know Importance of Location Marketing for Driving Traffic

There are several brands facing major challenges in the form of location-based search despite their need of customer segment and increasing store visits. Here, we will try to understand why brand location should be given priority. Following points will help you understand it clearly.

  • Up to 95% of customer engagement is possible through some location-based assets.
  • Using location in your campaign offers up to at least 275 lift in some specific campaigns.

It is common that there are some popular brands that wish to not be visible in location-based searches. And thus they are outperformed in search results by those of several other brands that are indeed performing a great job and also managing their online visibility successfully.

You can easily observe that some brands enjoy great visibility in location-based search comparing to others.

You should understand the fact that maps and location are synonymous. Google Maps are indeed vital for local search.

The above image clearly shows the great dominance of major brands such as ‘Chicago Pizza’, Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza. You can see the multiple appearances of these three brands. Chicago Pizza and Pizza Hut captured 4 spots respectively, whereas Domino’s Pizza captured 8 spots in the search results, aside from advertisement. These numbers clearly reveal that the strategic decision of the two most popular brands especially when you consider that there are many other similar restaurants in a nearby area.

Those who run restaurants can’t avoid location-based search if they wish to find more customers. This is also important for various business categories that include hotels and gas stations. On the other hand, food beverages sales witnessed their huge growth approximately at the double price of their retail spending.

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