Keywords and SEO – A Complex Key Made of Words!

Have you ever thought of this search journey? No? Let’s have a quick look at it with an example I know very well.
You wake up one morning and decide to make a nice dessert. You turn on your computer and type “dessert” – 229,000,000 hits… Mmm, maybe not, you are looking for recipes. So you add one keyword “dessert recipes” and press enter – 14,500,000 hits, better!

You were thinking of something with chocolate. You add one more keyword “dessert recipes chocolate” and press enter – Damn… 41,600,000 hits. What the heck? How is it possible to drag more results by being more precise… How is it possible that the “dessert recipes chocolate” websites were not picked by the query “dessert recipes”.

Two conclusions can be made here: Firstly – although the words are used through out the content of one page, what really matters are the keywords you declare up front. Secondly – keywords can be either stand-alone words or assembled to form keyphrases. Keyphrases are powerful to add selectivity but you have to be aware that they are quite rigid. The “dessert recipes chocolate” websites were rejected from the query “dessert recipes “…

So how can you be selective without being restrictive? This is all the danger about picking keywords and why SEO experts should be here to help you how to improve website traffic.

When you have been in a business field for 20 years and you decide to go on the Internet, you need advices. Why? You are likely to be far too precise. You need to find a compromise between the ultra specific words that describe perfectly the item you are selling and the more casual words a client may use to look for this item. While content can be very accurate in the description, keywords have to be slightly looser.

Where does the compromise sit? Only the experience of a SEO expert can help you to find the line between professional and casual. Thoughtful strategies are necessary to get to the top 10. The success resides in the choice of SEO keywords with a SEO Company India.

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