Google Traded a Single Dance for a Full Discotheque

The Google dance is a term people created to describe the positioning of websites going up and down over time. Indeed the ranking was going like crazy from low in the search engine result page (SERP) to high, to finally stabilize somewhere else. The tempo was given by Google in quest of the best algorithm ever to please people looking for something on the search engine.

To make it clear and simple, on Monday they were using the algorithm A and realized after few days that it was not so great. Then, on Friday, they were trading this algorithm A for the algorithm B, apparently written from scratch. They were keeping it until a better idea would pop in their genius minds. Finally, over time and few versions later, they had refined and mastered an algorithm. The fine-tuning of the latest algorithms was not as drastic and the changes were not anymore creating these ranking jumps. The Google dance was over.

Although the Google dance was not supposed to be educative, the updates were like a worldwide brainteaser. Many people in the SEO field were trying to unravel the secret behind each algorithm. What could produce such movements? Few SEO factors might have been put forth; few others might have been downgraded. Which new SEO factors could Google take into consideration?

Life went quiet, SEO experts learnt how to happily create tags, poke contents and build back links in order to increase website traffic. Something was rotten in the kingdom of Google though. Smartly tickled websites were going way too high in the SERP. Google decides to refine further the algorithm. Rather than going over into a new process, they instead decided to create add-ons. The first one was a Panda, the second was Penguin, … The expression “The More The Merrier” got all its meaning. It seems now Google took dance classes and traded a single dance for many others. The secret to survive in a discotheque is to learn how to follow the rhythm! Ask your SEO Company India.

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