What does a Google Panda like or dislike?

Do you like pirates? I am not talking here about the outstanding Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. We all like him despite his cheekiness. Why? First he is charming as pirate, second his misbehavior stays behind a screen! Now, back in your real life, a pirate would be the guy who copies your assay at university and in the doubt, both him (or her, pirates have no specific gender!) and you get penalized. Annoying, right? A pirate would be your colleague at work who gets the benefits of the idea you gave innocently around a cup of coffee. What a jerk, no?

Now, on the web, what is a pirate? Same… People can come and copy the integrality of your web content and post it on their own site to either get direct benefits of your good website with some advertising or to play with the ranking. These pirates are called scraper sites. How to protect yourself from such pirates? Well, if you did not get a copyright, you have only to cry because there is no way to know which site is the original one. Your content is seen as a duplicate.
Nowadays, a pirate can also steal something quite abstract such as an identity. This is maybe not as “dirty” in the way it is done but the idea behind is as dirty. One guy will decide to create a site about some trendy topics, hire dozens of writers to create the most exhaustive website ever about these topics and sit to collect the money ads generate from the huge traffic. This guy is virtually stealing your identity as a specialist of one single topic.

Both are not fair and Google knows it. Its smart team decided to fight pirates and more generally shallow content with a panda. This is the famous Google Panda Update. Now the white and black bear has become an expert in untwining content and there is no space for doubt about your content. Talk to an expert from a SEO Company India to get around the animal and feed it with the food it is craving for quality content and an appropriate Panda SEO.

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