Link Creation Without Content – How?

When it comes to link building, it is not some mystical SEO hack. Building link is certainly straightforward – you can find some relevant sites having reason to link and convince them to link.

Now the question is, why one should focus on another site links to theirs? For numbers of reasons – since relationship already exists as they are actually talking about your products and services and you can be a valuable resource for their visitors. Besides, you are also involved in the same category. These are some genuine reasons of link building.

Links generally represent a great connection and relationship online, if you are interested to build links without creating content, then you should be definitely looking to grab some important opportunities creating by some existing relationships and also connections. Offering value is certainly quite compulsory for earning some links. You will not be able to secure some meaningful links unless there is a value in the link for other site – value for them and also their website and audience.

There are lots of link building techniques that can be easily used. However, you should always remember the fact that never link with your community only for the sake of link building alone. Pursuing some links for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value alone breeds the wrong mind-set that generally leads to a highly strained relationships, damaged brand reputation and also some low quality spam links.

You should first concentrate on delivering your value first and foremost and then you can ensure you are receiving some links as a great advantage.

As far as content creation is concerned, it is said to be an important way of offering a great value and also fully secured links, but there are varieties of other ways that you can easily leverage the value of your company offering secure links.

This article serves its main purpose of focusing on various important ways of link creation for your business that you will be able to use without link creation.

Mention link opportunities

You may be aware of the fact that online mentions are said to be an easiest way of securing links even without fresh content. Indeed your brand, business, executives, products or services have to actually be mentioned online. No matter what is your reason, offline marketing, press release or also some other forms of brand building – people also need to talk about your organization.

The fact can’t be denied that brand mentions are certainly be the most common types of mentions, but there are indeed varieties of several other mentions that you can certainly target well. As far as mention opportunities are concerned, these mainly include.

  • Propriety image
  • Prominent employees
  • Sponsored or hosted events
  • Offline marketing campaigns
  • Company buildings
  • Slogans, taglines or catchphrases
  • Brand representatives and also spokespeople
  • Key business actions

Even there are several controversies that tend to lead to media coverage that is capable of creating several link building opportunities. These important types of mentions that you generally pursue are only limited by your ingenuity and also creativity. In case someone is referencing your company in some way online, that is certainly a relevant link opportunity.

These are quite often overlooked by press release and also several marketing folks alike, so you should communicate to your marketing staff so you will be aware of the fact that upcoming and past media coverage. If these campaigns are planned, running or also ran in the past, then you certainly don’t need to create a new content – you only need to find a complete coverage mentioning your brand.

These opportunities tend to be high-converting as the site has already observed fit to mention your organization. It is certainly not a stretch to include the link specifically if you consult politely and also describe that it assists their audience by offering more contexts.


Before launch of search engines, people use directories for navigating the website. The credit goes to search engines for spoiling the directories, but also having your site linked properly on a relevant directory that can still send some valuable referral traffic. Directories mainly focus on websites as a whole rather than some specific prices of content so that you don’t need to create a fresh content for securing a complete listing. As long as your site is legal, some relevant sources for the directory, your chances of earning some genuine links are good.

Directories need quality assurance and also significant security

Over the years, directories have generally fallen victim to spam and abuse. In today’s time, there are many directories that generally exist solely for SEO purposes and also offer little real value. The most important factor is relevance. Moreover, a potential directory is something that must either be relevant to your industry or also hyper-local to your location of business.


Meaningful partnerships are known to have numerous advantages that mainly include cooperative marketing, product collaboration, referral business, cooperative marketing and also of course some most valuable link opportunities. Moreover, co-authoring content is indeed the most important method of building a new partnership online, but if you are blessed with some existing relationships, you can then always find some great link building opportunities even without creating any new content.

In case if your business is a part of your professional network or also association, then you should also have some links pointing back to your website as part of your membership, especially if there is a list of memberships. Moreover, real world partners are certainly the most suitable candidates for creating link building as a legitimate connection already exists and also that connection should be represented online.

Engagement with community

There are several companies that generally give back to their community in several ways – both locally and also within their fields.

Getting in touch with your local community is something that generally opens doors for several brand-building activities and also creates some link opportunities that are quite often overlooked. Moreover, links are used for signifying a healthy relationship online and also can add more contexts to a great conversation or giving recognition.

You generally wish your offline activities and also relationships to be presented online that clearly means securing links. The fact can’t be denied that these links are meant to be a byproduct of the great work that you are already doing in the community.

It is advisable to never focus on link over relationships. Instead, you should seek for representing the actions, activities, events and also partnerships your business is already engaged in. You must ensure you are ensuring some meaningful link opportunities that already exists.

The primary aim of creating content is something that is quite often to encourage community engagement and also interaction. But, there are certainly varieties of methods to be easily engaged in your community that can easily earn some relevant links even without building your content.


Similar to partnerships, testimonials links are indeed byproducts of real existing relationships. You should only offer some testimonials if you actually believe in the business that you are engaged in endorsing, not for the purpose of backlink. If you are engaged in working with some other companies that you are willing to endorse and they generally share their testimonials on other website, you can then reach out and also let them know you would prefer to offer a testimonial of the better service that they generally offer.

Writing testimonials is just like content creation. But, offering a shoe quote is something that needs far and also some fewer resources compared to creating an e-book, infographic or blog post.

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