Do You Think Keyword Ranking Matters Anymore?

A good keyword ranking is said to be the most notable achievement in SEO world. Many strategies and activities in fact revolve around it. Those of small brands and businesses alike hunger to receive the first organic listing in search results due to lucrative traffic and also some leading opportunities that are generally associated with such position.

In today’s scenario, SEOs and digital marketing specialists need to consider in terms of whether it is worth the amount of time and resources it generally takes to obtain some premier rankings, considering the click through rate (CTR) that is mainly associated with some organic rankings, which are generally positioned under PLAs, local results and also some other forms of content.

High keyword ranking in search engines is not the only method of connecting online customers.

There was a time when getting the a high ranking or first position in Google was considered to be a leading method of catching attention of those of many online customers to a site without need to invest in paid advertising or also e-mail marketing. A decade ago, the whole world was just warming up to the power of social media and also its great influence on the internet. After that, most of the customers then starting to become aware of YouTube’s marketing power. Facebook brought some notable changes in internet users and also increased their numbers.

Due to such rise in social connectivity, there are many businesses and brands that suddenly need to access to those of some free channels that were easily viable for attracting some new businesses to their websites. In the year 2017, there are numbers of social media platforms to join and also there are numbers of users created content forums and also larger availability of blogs.

Nowadays, there are only few and far businesses that are not connected to an established directory host enjoying a great online credibility that it lets their authoritative clients, in order to rank good within the organic results.

New environment lets businesses concentrate on conversion rather than the site traffic

When organizations and brands were only capable of connecting with some new customers through some organic rankings, it indeed made a great sense for investing a great amount of time and also some resources for building numerous links and also some cram keywords into a specific site for increasing its visibility.

Now, there are numerous free channels that tend to cater to the niche demographics with some particular interests, it is certainly quite convenient than ever for some brands for identifying some relevant atmosphere that can be easily targeted for conversions. With help of online, businesses can easily focus on increasing qualified conversions, rather than only trying to gain as much traffic as possible with hope that a particular portion is going to convert into a sale.

Keywords rankings have also some issues – one of these issues is that any individual can easily click through to a site and also quickly leaves since the title tag and meta description didn’t align with the content of its associated landing page. Ranking on the first in search engine doesn’t indicate that every visitor will be turned into your potential customers since how limited keywords are for understanding granular details that are generally associated with those of some online customers.

Because of how convenient it is for business to build a strong social media following, some basic engagements can certainly enhance everything from brand awareness and also some online reputations to traffic and revenues. You must know the fact that keyword rankings generally lack the power of social media since they are not proactive means of engagement and they don’t compulsorily connect with brands with the important type of qualified traffic that generally exists and is readily available in several communities.

Google is spoiling the expectation of achieving high keyword ranking

You must always keep in your mind that Google is not a source of getting information and details, but a business. So, it has to compete in a free market where consumers get option. Google keeps its search engine updated so it regains visitors continuously.

Local results are ahead of traditional rankings

Google’s main focus on offering content that generally displays some local options for consumers to consider has diminished the power of premier keyword rankings for some industries that were actually appearing at the top of your search engines, only to now be spoiled beneath the fold.

Paid advertisement mixed with organic results

Product listing advertisements and also inclusion of a forth paid search advertisement for certain highly commercial queries pushed some organic results down the page in fact further that reduces the CTR of every organic position.

Moreover, Google’s great ability of resolving demands of consumers without need of entering a specific website continues to increase since there are some free products, definitions and also some features snippets that generally appear regularly.

Moreover, those of some informational websites that generally depend on some attracting a great amount of traffic for maintaining their advertisement rate at the mercy of some featured snippets that provide users with some quick answers whenever they search for some particular questions.


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