Reasons Why You Should Not Overlook Bing Ads

Today, majority of advertisers seem to be continuously ignoring Bing Ads. This is certainly not the right way and it may have eventually an adverse impact on their whole marketing efforts. In recent times, Bing advertisements have been capable of quickly implementing features and tools – of course, they even get some unique features that AdWords don’t provide. It is unfortunate that Bing is still quite often observed since the secondary choice especially while launching a paid search.

There are a lot of advertisers who generally underestimate the great value of such ad platform and also its unique audience. You can also observe great success with several Bing campaigns, in some instances, the results far surpass results received through more competitive Google platform. The fact can’t be denied that Bing advertisements witnessed last few years quite exciting, with the great implementation of several tools and features.

Here are some favorite enhancements.

The Bing Ads Application

You will be of course impressed to see the availability of Bing Ads app once you launch a new Bing Ads account. Besides, getting an application available on several mobile devices generally make managing a completely paid search campaign on the go a breeze. This is indeed a great feature for those of several account managers who are quite often away from their offices but still require to access their accounts mainly for ensuring management of campaigns.

Expansion of advertisement text

According to Bing’s announcement, advertisers across the world will be capable of implementing those of expanded text Ads with their Bing campaigns. According to the search engine, the expanded advertisements tend to perform seamlessly across various devices letting promoters get freedom to write an effective and attention-seeking ad copy so it can easily catch attention of visitors. Besides, Bing also made it convenient for incorporate expanded text advertisements into their promotional program with several implementation options available.

There are many marketers certainly benefiting from the lessons they generally learned with the help of Google expanded text advertisement process and are in fact now importing such best exercises into Bing advertisements. Moreover, Bing generally recommends that promoters continue mainly to run standard advertisement in parallel with several new expanded advertisements so as not just jeopardize overall performance of several campaigns.

In such way, there are several advertisers can certainly test expanded advertisement performance against those of some standard advertisement mainly for obtaining some important insights for some future campaigns optimization. The leading search engine Google in recent times revised the date that standards advertisements will certainly no longer to be useful. In same move, Bing also reflected that it tends to continue for letting promoters creating and also edit standard advertisements with the help of first quarter of 2017.

Shared budgets

Bing offered advertisers a great convenience and also flexibility of a shared budget. This certainly reflects that promoters have a great option of having several campaigns operating under a single budget. You should always keep in mind that with a shared budget, Bing adjusts automatically in terms of how your budget is generally spent across all important campaigns for helping improve ROI.

Moreover, there are several shared budgets that generally remove the time spent setting up and also calculating personal campaign budgets. This feature may be of advantage to you if:

• You would then prefer for managing a completely single budget that tends to be used by several campaigns.
• You would also prefer to decrease the time spent manually calculating budget allocations among several campaigns.
• You wish Bing Ads for relocating unutilized budget for bolstering advertisements that are in fact performing in a proper way.

Expanded device targeting

In the month of November, the leading search engine Bing introduced expanded device targeting universally, offering advertisers the capability of adjusting bids for several device types and also expanding the range for bid adjustments as follows:
• Tablets – 100% to + 900%
• Desktop – 0% to + 900%
• Smartphones – 100% to + 900%

Bing partner program

In the same month also, Bing revealed that they are putting some great efforts for expansion of Bing partner program to many agencies. According to Bing, the said program is something that offers a great recognition and also a greater level of engagement for those of some valued promoters. Moreover, there are several partners who tend to obtain several great opportunities, brand association with Microsoft/Bing, mainly for accessing to important market content, sales training and technical and also lots of other advantages.

Use Bing advertisement for a highly competitive benefit

There are many digital marketers who must not neglect the Bing as a viable Ad channel. According to some users’ experience, Bing advertisements are of course highly effective driver of brand visibility, sales and leads.

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