Ways to Protect your Website from Google SEO Penalties

Nowadays everyone is talking about Google Panda and Penguin and how to be safe ranked in the search engine result page (SERP). I’m going to share some tips with everyone to do safe SEO and get stable higher ranking in Google.

1. Analyze your backlinks on a monthly basis: You work to get backlinks everyday. You should think and check from where all the backlinks are coming from. Find out who is trying to get links from you and from who you got backlinks.  It is really important to keep quality backlinks and remove low quality backlinks. Analysis your backlinks is the most important job. If you are tracking our backlinks on a monthly basis, you can find which ones are good and which ones are not good enough for your website. Once you will know where are the bad ones, you can simply email a request  to the webmaster to remove your links from there.

2. Check your anchor text: When you do SEO and try to get higher ranking for your website, you look for your top keywords and create backlinks for these specific keywords. However, you have to be careful with such backlinking. You should not use the same anchor text over and over to create backlinks.  You should use your brand name, your website URL  or go for naked backlinks. It will help get higher ranking safely.

3. Keep looking your webmaster tool: It is also one important part of SEO. You  should keep An eye on your webmaster tool. Google webmaster tool helps to track your website issues and show you current status.  The tool will basically show you from where you are getting links, page errors, broken links and crawled pages.  Tracking your website status and keeping it update to date is extremely important.

4. Look for content quality: Your website was ranked well in SERP but once Google Panda update came then you could not find your website at same position. The truth is that since Google Panda, content has become king. When you will open your website, then look for the quality of the content. What is content quality? If your website does not have unique content or it is not well written, you should rewrite it. You have two options. You need to study well to write good content or  you need to hire some professional writers to write it for you.

5. Over Optimization:  Over optimization is one of the most common mistakes coming from people. You must have seen many people doing over optimization to try getting ranking in less time. You should never do keyword stuffing to achieve fast ranking otherwise. you will surely get penalized and lose all your website ranking.

Of course, if you have already been hit by Google, it is time to have a Google Penguin recovery plan!

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