Internet Marketing Must Talk to the Internet Users…

If the Internet is a shortcut to meet people and sell, the path to make people like your company and select the products the Internet has created is much longer and much harder.

Today, there is out there a gigantic pile of competitors to buy from. There are so many online stores selling the same things at the same price as you do… You have to give a reason to your potential clients to pick your company rather than another one.

Well, marketing has been a full-time job for decades. The brands we know since we are kids – yes, way before the Internet – were looking for an outstanding wall advertisement, the best corner in the newspaper and the most effective minutes on the television to meet their audience. Today, to succeed on the Internet, your company must pass two steps: MEET and KEEP.

What are the 3 best options your business has to meet your audience on the Internet?

  • Being on the top of the organic search engine result page. This is probably the best way because most of people use the Internet to find something, not someone. This is an SEO matter. A good SEO company in India will advise the keywords people are looking for and will transform your website as a reference.
  • Being on the paid section on Google pages. If the outcome is the same, the deal with Google is temporary: You pay, its displays;  You stop, it buries.  This is a PPC task. Your PPC provider will advise the keywords to bet on and the price you should bet on them to be seen.
  • Being present on the Internet. Whether you like it or not for yourself, Facebook is the place to be because your potential clients are there. Social media marketing is an art by itself. You need to follow the trends and know what your followers like to give them the message that will tickle their curiosity.

What are the 3 points to work on to keep your audience on the Internet?

  • Get a “sexy” website. This is exactly happening in the next few seconds following the click towards your website. Your landing page must be as promising as your meta-tags, Google Ad or your post on Facebook, respectively. Your website has to convince the visitors that the click was worth it. Do not underestimate the power of the “back arrow” always ready to bring your adventurous visitor stepping one step away.
  • Write relevant content. When your page has done the job of being at least not deceiving, the content must carry on. In today’s busy life, your visitors will not have time to read a page about nothing where you embedded your keywords – go straight to the point. Do not forget most of us browse a page in a pyramidal pattern; place the informative cues where they must be.


  • Keep your site simple. Google is getting better at identifying what people are looking for. Do not lose your visitors inside the coding labyrinth. They are busy and need to understand the structure of your website at a glance. Intuitive navigation is the only way to keep them browsing back and forth and to give them the chance to find the item they were dreaming about!

The main idea of marketing did not change over time: the client is king!

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