When SEO Meets Search Engines and Users…

SEO has its one goal which is pleasing Google. However, Google has one goal which is pleasing its users. Some very successful SEO strategies i.e. making Google “happy” and helping websites to get sky high might be quite disturbing and confusing for the users. If you think this is not SEO problem you might be wrong. Google will rank and might see quite quickly that the users are deceived.
How? In a perfect Google’s world, the website ranked #1 perfectly matches the user’s need, i.e. he/she will click the link and stay here to find the products or the information he/she was initially looking for. A high click through rate associated with a high bouncing rate are the signs of Google’s failure.

What if SEO could please both Google and users? Overall, beyond SEO India, your website should pamper its visitors.

  • When you give a link to people to bring them somewhere, avoid losing the users into a series of clicks. The best backlink would be the one where you click-and-go. When a copy-paste is required, an automatic copied link saves one step.
  • When you create a contact form, do not expect people to fill in their CV in there. One name and one email are enough to engage the communication between a company and a potential client.
  • When your visitor already took the time to create an account and to enter some details, you can always save them the process of login again by providing the option to stay logged in. Isn’t it why we spend so much time on Facebook?
  • When you have a complicated website and people are on the click #4. Giving them an exit to go back to the home page is quite common but do not forget to bring them back to the step #3. They might not want to redo the steps #1 and #2.
  • When you create hypertext links, be consistent. One keyword should always go to the same page and should allow people to anticipate what is coming on the next page.

The take home message is that a website is for users, not should only focus on serving them. Having a global understanding of SEO that is oriented towards users is the only point you should worry about for your SEO Services India.

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